Super skunk fem. Veg too long before flower?

So I grew my super skunk indoor with 1000w light then 2 months into veg added another 1000w light veg for another 2 months and got this height. Did a very large trimming couple days vefore the switch as well as 4 neet oil treatments watered every week 32 oz per plant with 2 drops of fox farm grow big per 32 oz. This is 2 weeks into bloom. Just water for her first watering. Need help as to what measurements I need to follow now in bloom. I am planning on switching to tiger bloom buds and bloom fertilizer however I did also purchase fox farm big bloom as well. Too many varied answers in online grow journals. Also the front 2 plants were lst and the back 2 regular no training.

And mind you in va we’ve had several power outages and I live in a house where I constantly come home to different temps dew to roommates changing thermostat.

Can’t really see anything under the blurple light…


oh yeah wait your profile says first time grower too?

His profile is five years out of date… @Myfriendis410 is a very accomplished grower and has helped a great many of us learn to grow great cannabis plants.

If you really want/need assistance I urge you to follow his guidance.


I haven’t looked at my profile in years lol. Updated, thanks!


First off, Welcome @Dansingh89. I use FF trio. I use a quality soil (Recipe 420 from Humboldt). I measure runoff and don’t start adding any of the trio until PPM is below750-800. I do, however, still use Cal-Mag, Recharge, epsom and anything else that they might need that are low in NPK.

I find that I need to use much less of the FF Trio than what is recommended. Once in flower, reduce N so don’t use Grow Big anymore.

Big Bloom is very low in NPK so you can use it from veg through flower with no problems.

Everyone’s plants/soil/environment is different so my recommendation is to start low and increase depending on how they look.

And yes, @Myfriendis410 is a HUGE wealth of knowledge! I wouldn’t have had the success I had without him!


Drastically reduce N while upping pk about 4 weeks into flower

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Oh thank god ok so if you have experience the deal is I started this grow and bought blurple being only aware of the wattage. Ive found out blurple is a poor persons light. I do apologize for being defensive but Ive run into alot of people who act as if growing can only be done at top dollar. Sadly life changes and before bloom got released from job so money became real tight so buying a Great LED light was out of picture but dont wanna lose what Ive grown. Ive had alot of old school hippies tell me Ill still get some crop and I realize not as much as yall but Im mainly just hoping I didnt waste time. And again dude I just assumed this was gonna be a dollar assigned argument where my whole thing is they grown weed for years before this became mainstream so people found ways to make it work.

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Hey thanks


We’ve all been there. I had nine of those things running before I built my own lights. The difference in performance was like ‘Night and Day’ haha. Most of us hate seeing someone spend money twice. This is really what drives people’s responses.

A good solid and inexpensive light would be something like CMH or MH/HPS. The downside is heat and operating expense.

You should get a yield, not 1 gram per watt but you’ll get something. We are all here to help so don’t hesitate to ask your questions.


Dude nine? Im running in a 5x5x6 tent 4 plants those lights I’ve adjusted to 13 inches above top plant tip. Im running 40% humidity (don’t know these letter meanings beside ppm) and 84`degrees F. They know have alot of nug points but my concern is that before I came here I watered them once weekly, I was so paranoid Id hurt them I clearly see I starved them.