Super Skunk Fem Seed Colour?

Question from a customer- his super skunk fem seeds are a pale green colour, is this OK?

Seed color doesn’t mean much. Unless it’s very lite green…this indicates a immature seed.

Wet towel it and see what happens. The smallest seeds I ever planted grew into wonderfully healthy and productive Ladies.


Thats the thing… They are pale green… Their grow bible says buy quality seeds from us… Their grow bible says dark marbled seeds… I got pale green. Feel like i got taken… I get better looking seeds from the brown bud down the road.

Lets not forget they cost me 127 bucks for the pale green seeds

And i assure you they dont look anything like the one in their pictures of these seeds or any other quality seed… Sucks being ripped off…

Germinate then plant them. If they dont sprout contact ILGM and they will send replacements for free that will sprout.


have some faith and give it a chance before you decide, ok? we are all here to help one another. im new to this forum but this is the best place to be. itll work out

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