"Super skunk fem, grew 8 ft tall...I think its a different strain

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I bought some female skunk seeds 4 months ago but I think its a different strain. They have grown nothing like super skunk fem like advertised. They grew 8 ft tall. Nothing like my other plants. They look nothing like super skunk. Its tall with skinny leaves and all seeds grew the same, not the short 8 wk breed I was looking for like my other plants. I know it’s not my climate here in Parrotsville Tn, and I’ve been doing this for a long time plus every plant in my grow room are fine except the ss fem. My plants have not stretched and their buds are 5 times bigger. My plants started small, started all the same time, the super skunk never stopped growing vertical for last 6 weeks.”


8’ tall indoors? How high is your ceiling?


i8 ft tall? with a scrog screen?? I would have thought u could have controlled the height with a scrog. I just keep tucking tops back under the screen


Lst hst super crop , awesome plants @oldpro

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Looks like Goldy Leaf to me @daz49 what you say brother?


I think she is looking for an answer for someone else. Giving her advice on what to do next is kinda pointless :wink:


Any answer to Becky will be forwarded to the customer that asked.


I cant make out where exactly the question is, but mutations do happen on occasion, and this may be one.

Tall, doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but if you’re running out of room do to stretch, it may be wise to LST those shoots with string or wire, sooner than later, as to not get too close to your lighting.

Hope this helps, cheers.


HA! I don’t have an answer, but I figured Becky didn’t care whether the customer supercropped or not… :slight_smile:

Customer is actually looking for clarity, as he said "I bought some female skunk seeds 4 months ago but I think its a different strain. They have grown nothing like super skunk fem like advertised." He is comparing it to his experience and I think he doesn’t believe it’s super skunk fem.

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When growing ANY strain of plant, they are known to have different phenotypes. Phenotypes are just different variations in ONE strain.

Example, I can buy 2 seeds that are the same strain, and 1 plant might grow to be tall and really long branches, while the other grows short and bushy. They were both the same strain, but they look completely different. It’s a very normal thing to happen. I could buy 2 seeds that are purple kush and only 1 plant may actually be purple. It’s random, unless you’re cloning.

I’m not sure why you’re doubting the genetics, but I can guarantee that if the description of the seed was Super Skunk genetics, than that is what you got! You probably got a phenotype that is different from your previous experience is all that happened.

I hope this helps!



Are things looking good ?

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