Super Skunk (Fem) Early Flowering

I have a Super Skunk(fem) which was started indoors, late Feb. It is flowering way early and is confused. Location is outdoors, SoCal, 13+ hours full sun, I expected this plant to go thru the summer. My other girls look OK, still in veg stage as expected thou, they have some flowers

Based on the pictures, will it start/revert to Veg more, if not should I use bloom on this plant? Should I just harvest upper buds that ripen? The weight is very light, lots of white hairs, very sticky icky.

My lesson may be I started too damn early indoors and the light changes confused this girl.

Thanks for the advice

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thats exactly what has happened, started indoors under lights and placed outside too early. Dont despair, I did the same thing last year. It will do strange things like continue to grow slowly and flower at the same time. If you can keep the mould and insects away you may be surprised how big and chunky the buds get when it finally enters its natural fowering period.


So as long as I keep VEG feeding this plant it should continue to grow. I hope to keep it another 60-90 days growing in the hot summer months.

I think shell be fine, those flowers will stay thin and wispy while the plants goes threw veg and when proper flower time comes they will fatten up nice. Super skunk is a very vigorous, plant.


Could it be an auto flower?

Good to know about Super skunk, hopefully I get another 60-90 days growth.

Possibly they mixed in an Auto but the rest of the batch appears OK. I’m convinced going from 14-16 light hours indoors to 12+(and growing) outdoor sunlight stressed/confused them. I started indoors in Mid/Late February about a month too early.

Ive put clones out that spent 6+months indoors first. It shouldnt matter how early you start them, when you put them outdoors is a little more critical. As long as your getting the hours of sun every day it will be fine. Even if its confused it’ll keep on moving forward. I cut clones from flowering mother plants all the time and reveg them.


yes keep up the veg nutes until such time as the plant would normally begin to flower.