Super skunk Fem buds too small

From a fellow grower: I grew some super skunk fem plants this year and the buds didn’t get that beefy. What can I do to improve this.

Need to know a LOT more.
Indoor or outdoor
Lighting (kind of light and photoperiods for veg and flower)
Soil, coco, hydro?
Nutrient program?
Air temps
Humidity levels
Water pH
how long did you veg
How long did you flower
In order to know how you can improve we need to know where to start.

You want to boost the carbs at the end of the flowering cycle.

In soil -

Make a tea using some back strap molasses , water , guano and an air pump. You can find better well made recipes online this is just a quick easy booster.

In hydro-

Use a bud booster like beastie blooms or such, get something in a powder form and mix it in the last two weeks or so of flower.

I was told by a old lady that grew said to add about 2 teaspoons of sugar in the water every 3 days. I’ve been doing it ever since.