Super skunk autoflowers

These are 2 super skunk autoflowers at 15 days getting 18-6. Greenhouse from 8am to 8pm and LED 6am-8 and 8pm-midnight. This is my second grow I’m in New England. Looking for advice.

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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Plenty of light and they look normal and healthy so far.

Appreciate it. Using super soil and just started very light veg nutes. I want to top I’m thinking wait till the end of week 3?

Not an expert but I am picking up tidbits here and there. I have been topping mine at or just a little bigger than yours. Many posters here advise against topping autos but I have had no real issues doing it. Definitely want to be careful with the nutes in an already rich soil.

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When you top, where do you cut?

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I agree with the nutes I’m going about 1/10 of what the bottle suggested, I’m using fox farm. Planned on 2x a week staying light. I feel like the have been really coming to life the last 3 days. The smaller one is a blue dream x NL #5 but there’s I got are 2 years old I had on left over from last year’s grow. Started a bit slow but she is catching up. I looked at your plant in the photo looks pretty nice any luck with density?

If you refer to my plant I’m not sure which one you mean. I have pics all over the place here. I love being able to do that since I have to be “stealthy” and can’t really show anyone I know.
But over all my bud density issues are pretty much under control now. Adequate lighting and some nutrient deficiencies were main issues.

I am “seat of my pants” in my approach. I don’t count how many nodes. Just kinda let the vibe take me. Then I gently spread the newest growth I can manipulate enough to clip what would be “next” with sharp bonsai scissors. That makes 2 main colas with equal chance of being “top dawg”. If I don’t get the main shoot, it will continue upwards as before although damaged and slightly stunted. That is called FIMMING. Then you have 3 tops competing. Either way is good with me.


Your explanation makes 100% sense - thanks!

I was going to cut above the 3rd node and just above the future bud sites

Can anyone tell me what this spot is from and should I be concerned I’m in the for the week with super skunk autoflowers

May be a drop got on it. Just watch for any more spots and if you do get a leaf wet, just use the corner of a tissue and it will suck it up.

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Okay thanks, just started week 4 so I’m get my first pistels… Just a bit over a foot in height though. Last year I had 2 that finished about 3 ft.

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Since the last update things are going down hill. Need help

Bone dry! Water those girls. Slowly in circles. Make sure u get a bit of runoff as well

Thank you I couldn’t tell if the were over or under watered. Didn’t want to cause root rot. They were looking great I was watering every 3rd day then the just started drooping

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Going into week 5 how often should I water and should I use nutes or wait till they recover

Wait on nutes a bit longer. If you do start, start out LOW LOW… matter of fact… just dont do it yet. Nice watering. And let em get back in the groove.

Every 3 days sounds about right for that size. Just increase the volume you are pouring.

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I think they are responding well coming back Today is the 1st day of week 6…should I give them some light nutes at the end of the week?

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