Super skunk autoflower - First time grower having issues

I would try to achieve a cross draw for sure using selective hole openings for venting. Do you have your ac on in the house?

Also if your tent is venting into your same room that could be some of your problem. Can you route exhaust outside a window with a adapter plate?

Ideally those would be sucking intake and pushing the smell thru the carbon filter.

Do you have a couple small fans oscillating on the plants. Helps with heat and makes them stronger by fluttering in the wind.

I usually aim one fan direct on my lamp heat sink. I just play around with fan adjustment till I see temp where I want them

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I do have AC running and I vent my exhaust outside the room.

I do have a fan on my plants as well, my plants sit around 78* while room temp is about 81*

What is your tent size?

Can you take some pics and post them?

Know it sounds dumb but do you have fan blades in proper direction? Sucking and pushing air out?

My space is so small I have to have one of my fans blowing 2" Away from lamp to keep my heat regulated.

I am having to keep my AC on 75F to keep my closet in temp range when it is 90F outside or it gets too hot inside my grow closet.

Get rid of those ph drops meters are cheap. I think you mentioned you were buying a ppm meter. Good! You need both.

I used the El cheapo 10 bucks Yellow and black colored ph meter and finally bought a better Apera ph meter for around 50 bucks. I still have the cheap blue color ppm reader.

These are going to help you make sense of what you are doing…along with Flora PPM chart…and your eyes…Those leaves of yours have gradually gone bad. Study your leaves each watering event.

Open the tent…it smells. Keep tent closed no smells. Negative pressure is your friend.

Hey looking good your going in right direction up. I’m new coming up on harvest, few thing Humidity 40-50 if can, move that up around 60, when they flower drop it. Leaves like water when growing, Get a ppm and ph pen, they help make sense of things. Your light, I ran a viparspec xs1500 had great results, how many fans do you in your 3x3 air movement helps?

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3x3 tent, i have the intake blowing at the bottom left side and it blows onto my plants giving them airflow. I have another exhaust fan at the top right. Temps between 79-80 with humidifier running at around 60%. Every day seems to be getting a bit better. Thanks for all the advice to anyone that has contributed! :smiley: These plants are growing so fast now its crazy. Super skunk is 9" at day 31 with Ak-47 at 6.5"

Your temps are OK. Towards the end of flower you will want to drop your humidity so you don’t get bud rot. Keep your fans blowing oscillating on them.

You can download a Flora Trio feeding chart and just follow to one for photoperiod. I may be wrong but I found no chart for auto flowers. Week 7 calls for 1000 to 1400 ppm run off. I am wanting just a hair higher to be aggressive. Taper off to nothing but water last 2 weeks to get all the nutes out.

I will adhere closer to ppm numbers on the Flora Chart more towards end. I have messed that up before myself and did not finish correctly. Chem bitter slight after taste.

Water to 20 % run off and don’t let your fabric bags sit in tray water overflow. Get rid of the run off.

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Day 33 update - Just watered the AK with some cal-mag PPM run off at 250~

Watered with around 1 gallon of water to produce around a cup or 2 of run off