Super skunk autoflower - First time grower having issues

-What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed (photo or auto)
ILGM - Super skunk auto
-Age of plant
30 days
-Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
Soil, first 2 weeks in fox farm happy frog then transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pot with foxfarm ocean forest
-Vessels: Type and capacity of container (fabric, plastic, etc)
fabric 3 gallon
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
around 6.5ph using liquid tester
-Method used to measure PH and TDS
Measured PH before watering using ph testing drops
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space
indoor 3x3
-Light system List brand and wattage/spectrum
Viparspectra XS2000 LED with Samsung LM301B diodes and MeanWell driver
-LUX at top of plant
-Current Light Schedule
-Temps; Day, Night
constant 85* and can’t seem to get it any cooler, top of plant is 78* when checking with heat gun
-Humidity; Day, Night
-Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
Yes 4in exhaust with filter and 4in intake
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Humidifier sometimes - not seeing a difference with or without it
-Co2; Yes, No

Leaves appear dark green towards mid-bottom, leaves starting to fold in, yellow in middle, tips burnt and new growth top and bottom are clawing downwards. Appears I have a million issues going on and would appreciate some insight on where to begin. Thank you!

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Appears my AK-47 is starting to get yellowing in the leaves as well. Both planted from seed at exact same time. Also the AK seems to not be growing nearly as fast - Both at 30 days as of today

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Welcome to the community :blush: Are you feeding them anything?

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They’ve only been fed water around 6.5ph

The skunk looks as if its dealing with a couple issues to start it looks like heat stress some plants can handle higher temps when some do awful with higher temps id definitely try to get better airflow to help with heat also looks like she has a bit of nutrient burn from the ocean forest soil which in my experience can be typical with ocean forest it runs hot in some batches also looks like you are dealing with a calmag issue if you aren’t feeding any id start soon the plants will usually do fine with the nutrient that are in the soil but it will deplete within 2 to 3 weeks depending on the pot size and how well the plant is growing and using it up

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Ordered some calmag and will be here tomorrow. Moved my light away while maintaining 30k lux. Will they recover from the nuteburn or should I flush the soil out? Ordered a TDS meter to measure and will update when that comes in as well.

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I’d also like to note the edges of the AK have turned blackish on 1 leaf

Your gonna want a ph pen. The drops aren’t super accurate. I will recommend an apera ph pen. It’ll cost ya 50.00 give or take but its worth it if you intend to grow long term. Tds pen can be cheap but the cheapie ph pens are not great. Still a cheapie is better then drops.

These two things are likely related. Also, save your filter for flowering…it greatly reduces the workload on your fan and is better at moving air. Am I reading that you have two fans? So, I did this and then I ran into a need to have two tents. I found that the tent cooled much better when I allowed the vents in bottom of tent to be opened about 2 inches on 3 sides and only used one fan. If that doesn’t help you will need to cool the tent with conditioned air, fom the room the tent is in. I keep my apt at 73 so I am always dealing with 81-83 temps cuz I can’t cool the house anymore and I don’t want to pay for a second ac.

The curved and hooked leaves are likely nitrogen related. However, I have had plants that were right next to my fan and got blown around alot even at the lowest setting could be wind stress. A better diagnosticion will come along and clear up what it is.

You can flush but I’d wait till you have propper ph and tds meter to determine whats going on in your soil. Maybe even do a 1:1 soil slurry to get best look. Don’t worry, she will be ok. Pot is super resilient.
@Covertgrower is my go to. Good Job on filling out the support ticket first! Welcome to the community.


If ur got burn tips it normally nutrient burn but other wise there healthy, i would flush them with ph water

Removed the filter and was able to get to 81-83 temps as well. I keep my house at 74*.

Here’s some current pictures 1 day after adding calmag

I also moved some of the skunk’s branches to where they will receive more light

Some nute burn on the new growth but looks to be getting better-ish after yesterdays watering with calmag

Update: Light schedule changed to 20/4 just to give them a bit of rest

If those are 3 gallon bags you should be applying a little over a Gallon of fluid to each bag to achieve 20% desired run off each watering.

Weed plants like the Flood / Drought cycle.

CalMag and water only for first 30 days or until your PPM run off comes down to around 1500 ppm on run off.

Thanks for the advice. I just watered yesterday with 1 teaspoon calmag in a gallon of water split between the 2 plants. Will start using a gallon for each plant next watering. Why CalMag for only the first 30 days?

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Cal mag on watering days.

When you are on a feed cycle then lay off it.

Feed/Water/Feed is the schedule I have mine on.

I see some leaf discoloration that will probably not clear up prior to chop is my guess.

One of my biggest mistakes I made on my first attempts … underwatering and was checking my pH out of paper sequence.

Mix chems then check PH.

Go to the store and buy a couple 5 gal buckets. For 3 each 3 gal bags. I mix 4.5 gal of fluid plus chems. Right now I am actually on 2 buckets as 2 of plants are on different schedules. Also mix by the gal. Making micro batches your math gets F-d if your stoned. Buy the ml squeeze droppers to measure ml accurately.

Are you drawing air thru your tent vent openings? FAN position on tent set up? And is the size of your fan moving enough air thru your space. I think my 4" infinity moves 204 cu ft per minute. My grow closet is 180 cu ft.

84 -85F you are at your Max limit of where you want to be. I try 77-84 is my target range wanting to stay 80F or below ideally.

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly do you mean by “feed cycle”? I bought some fox farm nutrients but was planning on waiting until my 2nd grow to use them so I can compare the 2 results.

This seems excessive to me. Maybe I use too much perlite? I use a bowl to measure my mix FFOF to perlite 3 scoops soil, 1 scoop perlite. Figure that gives me about 30% +/-, perlite to soil. I use 3.5 gallon airpots and after 1/2 a gallon I get like 2 or so cups of liquid collected in runoff. What kind of soil make up do you use?

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Yeah the only way to get any lower is with an air conditioner it seems like. But I’m at around 81 consistently without the filter, which will need to be installed once they start to flower. I have an intake fan at the both left corner and an exhaust fan at top right. Using an infinity as well 4"


Feed meaning nutrients. I use only Fox Farm Flora Trio and PH adjuster on feed days.

Cal Mag and water for water days on the calendar. I am using cal mag because I use Reverse Osmosis water.

I am now doing to add a gram of Epsom salt to the mix as it is suppose to help keep your leaves dark green. I have not done that in the past.

Currently I am at day 47 of these 3 Wedding Cake autos I got in the oven. Should pull 7 to 8 Oz after the dry and cure maybe a bit more.

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Got any vents? I got alot better cooling over all with vents open and one fan then I did with the 2 fans.
this guys video helped me.

Check that run off when you are at approx 20% coming out the bag…Meaning if you are adding 1 gal (4 Quarts-25%) collect and measure when you have approx little less than a qt…that will be your most accurate reading. If you leach it out you will dilute your reading and your strategy for feed will be off.

Even though these are not photoperiod plants I follow the PPM chart on Flora Trio… Little higher actually as I am along way from chop right now.

Those plants going to start smelling quite a bit having just an opening I would think? I’ll check out the video, thanks!

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