super skunk auto


What a gorgeous plant in my opinion! Here is my super skunk auto from ILGM at day 49 12/25/2017. It’s 24 inches tall and grew 6 inches over the last 3 days! According to the ILGM site this plant gets 18 to 28 inches. Kind of hope I beat that. We will see…


Yes shes a very good looking plant. Should yield great, good luck


Thanks it’s my first grow in coco! Bottom leaves are a bit spotty and yellow so I’ve been adding more epsom salt and keeping the ph a little lower.


If your in soil, 6.5 is the sweet spot. They look great and will probably be more then 28 inches overrall


It’s with canna coco with their nutes. I’m using tap water which is extremely hard water. So with coco the ideal ph is 5.8. I was watering with 5.8 ph but trying 5.5 since I know it goes back up to 5.8 or higher fairly quickly.


right didn’t see that. yeah 5.5-5.8 ph is perfect for coco