Super skunk auto/ Maui wowi fem


Anyone ever grow Super Skunk Auto or Maui Wowi?


@MattyBear just did one IIRC.


Maui Wowie was grown outside in 5 gal buckets on the deck in Lahaina Maui, 1980s :clown_face:
That’s where the clown met some of the Wailers( Peter Toshs group) minus Bob Marley :cry:


I’ve grown a few Maui Wowie plants and they were all awesome! Great taste and aroma and a strong cerebral high that gets you going. Love that strain and highly recommend it :v:


And that scrog… a legend in the making


Thanks @Familyman! I’d recommend this strain to any Sativa lover :wink:


I really want to try growing it but I’m kinda stuck in the indica groove being a new grower. You got me thinking though. Even though I have 2 grows planned as we speak I may run some MW photos while I burn thru these shitty blueberry auto seeds.


Blueberry autos were some of my favorite auto seeds, but I wasn’t a fan of the White Widow autos I got recently (as are others). Only 4/8 sprouted and only 3 had a decent structure to them.


You can keep Sativas shorter, if need be, especially if using a Scrog. There’s a few other tricks to minimize the stretch during flower too :wink:


Ok. I’ve read nearly your whole thread twice lol. How much dry did you end up with??


I think it was just under 6 zips. 5.8 ounces I think… Not bad for a 100w light in a 2x2 tent :wink: Rob designed a great light for a 2x2 :fist:


Nice! Plus it’s killer stuff so all wins


I’m doing a Maui wowie fem now. It is growing verticle slowly, but I have it in a 7 gallon fabric pot and roots are coming out of the bottom about 10 or so. So I’m guessing it starts off growing mostly under soil be I plant a Bergmans gold leaf at the same time, the GL is twice as tall (after topping) and 3 times bushier. But the GL does not have roots growing through the bottom. Anyone else have anything similar?