Super skunk auto? How much do they grow After?

How much does skunk grow after first pistols. 1st time on autos got one in my veg tent looking healthy
Little bit lst being done now

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Ballpark you’re looking at eight more weeks.

I think what @neofirebird meant is 8 more weeks till harvest.

I exclusively grow autos and most autos finish growing about 2 weeks after first pistils maybe 3.
I would be wary of doing to much lst. Let your plant stretch and grow.

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Ty for the input. I m just going to tie down the top and let it grow from here on out. The stretch is on. Ty Nicky. So your saying two week stretch. Then bud will fatten up correct?

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Don’t tie autos aggressively give them more of a nudge in the right direction then a force if you know what I mean. Don’t bend them right over lean them hence low stress.

Your gonna get a growth a bit yet then a stretch and a little bit more slow growth that will be 2-3 weeks.
Then bud sites will start to develop for a week
Then they will start to grow little pistils.
Then they will grow. After a week of growing defoilate to allow HUD sites to get light.
Then when your leafs grow back late into flower when you have like 2 weeks left before being done rip most of the leafs off.

In my 3 years of growing autos that’s the best method I have found to date.

If your in soil you really have to carefully of stress, in coco you don’t.

3 weeks after stretch your buds will be noticeably growing

Ty for that input. I did actual that. I grow all my photos the same way i just tilt them over to get bottom growth light penetration. I will follow this for the auto ty again. Im in ffof

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Next time you grow in ffof mix it with 30% perlite and add light soil to the top layer 1/4 and the center plug all the way to the bottom (I put a wine bottle in the center when filling the first 3/4 with ffof).
The ocean forest is hot for the roots of a young plant and young plants want to shoot roots straight down asap, the perlite gives nice airey soil which cannabis prefers.

Tag me anytime with @ nicky

And look at switching to coco!

I only water for first month. I found out early off that ffof is hot when i started growing. Good advice i start in root riots @Nicky

The only autos I’ve ever grown was the super skunk autos from ilgm and all’s I did was tied them over one time just the main after 2 weeks of that they went into flower and easily doubled during stretch maybe more


Very nice very nice im now excited to see the outcome. If all goes well maybe ill run all autos in another tent. @Teffygreenthumb well done my fellow growmee

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@Growcoast keep it growing I like your set up your well on your way

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