Super Skunk and Gold Leaf

I planted 2 each of S.S. and Gold Leaf. I had a slow grower which is catching up. My question is, should I top them. They are both so bushy and full but short. I thought about raising the light to make it stretch a little Plus, how can I tell them apart, they look the same

Should have labeled them. Now, it’s a guessing game

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Skunk and gold leaf will be dramatically different smell. He will be able to tell.

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Thanks, I have 4 plants ,2 of each that are growing fast and I wanted to place one of each outside before It gets much bigger because my light is not big enough to flower 4 large plants. They are around a month old and very bushy, .limbs are growing limbs.I have not topped none and they are shooting new growth out all over. Being new to growing I was thinking on not prunning. I did bend some big leaves
All of the leaves look alike. Maybe I will crush up a leaf from each and see if 2 smell alike?
Also I have an Electric Sky 300, anybody familiar with these on hanging hieght?

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might consider LST for more n bigger colas.

no labels means it’s a waiting game. the diff will show in strong flowering.
diff colored pipe cleaner wrapped around stalk will id the plants…next time

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@dbrn32 can help you with any questions regarding lights period. He is our light guru here at the forum ! He will help you more than anyone else ever could !

Also post a couple of pics for us to see and we can also help by seeing them !

Also welcome to the forum btw ! So much knowledge on this forum you cant go wrong growing with all the help here !

I would probably try to flower with that light at about 18" above canopy, adjust to however plants respond. I don’t believe anyone was suggesting you crush leaves up now. When they get late into flower they will probably have more scent, you can see if there is noticeable difference then.

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Since you replyed I thought to add this,Its been a few weeks now and there is a big difference, 2 are large and bushy thick, I did top a lot of branches on both and there are 2 that are more normal looking but 1/2 the size. Do you think the bigger would be the Gold Leaf? Sorry about no pics ,wife says they are worth a 1000 words and it is still illegal here.

BTW…keep a sharp eye on the thick buds. Mold can grow where you can’t see and dissolve all the goodies you wanted to keep.

Maybe someones been blowing too much smoke up your pipe buddy , so if you did not find me worthy of your reply, WHY REPLY? NO FEELINGS HURT HERE! . It was a Simple question, do you think the larger 2 are the Gold leaf plants. I 'm thinking that the Texas Lawmakers are not the only ones not making friends these days… Have a nice day.

You chose your name well…Dick

I thought that I should pick a name easy to spell for some of the Mentally challenged that stalk the sites, Feelings hurt? I thought you had no time for me and now it’s like borderline harassment, or did you just forgot what you wrote earlier? Short term memory loss maybe. Could be signs of good weed, tanlover. Peace Brother.