Super Skunk AF...Harvesting Soon!


Super skunk autoflower, what do you all think?
-I was going to start cutting her down this weekend…


How do the trichomes look? Do you have a loupe?


@raustin No loupe, just going by the naked eye.


Well, by the looks of the pistils I think you’ve got at least another week.


I agree with @raustin @Closetgrower91 at least a week looks great


If you have any type of smart /I Phone you can download some good magnifier apps to give you better look.


Plants are way to young to chop… up to you tho… :wink:
Way too young… :wink:
Atleast 4 to 6 weeks longer… just me tho… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Ill wait till the end of the month then…Thank you @Hogmaster @raustin @peachfuzz @Rexx

Ill post updated pictures in a week or so


I also agree so with the others @Closetgrower91
I personally wait until my pistols are 75-80% red before i even start watch my tricombes :wink: