Super silver haze what's wrong!

Are the roots rotting?

Not trying to be a smart ass but if I knew that I wouldn’t have posted all this information… I don’t know what it is…

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Anyone, anyone??? Bueller, Bueller…

I mean you have the plant. I only see pictures. The one has really dark roots. Are they mushy or falling off?. Im just giving my impression. You need to do research also. Dont just do something based off of what you are told.

Still too high.

How close to your net pots is the water level? It should be 1 1/2 to 2" below net pot. Air should be a ‘rolling boil’ in bucket.

I would suggest lowering lights and installing a chiller in the line.

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They are not brittle and nothing falls off them, I rinsed them yesterday and everything came off with very light water pressure and they looked like this.

Today they look like this again

So I’m guessing I need a chiller… But I’ve seen in a lot of places that with hydroguard I should be able to run the little bit higher temps but I guess that doesn’t always work…

Water is about 1" from bottom of net pot when I first do a red change, I try to not let it get more than two or three inches away before I top off. I do have a good size disc air stone in each bucket and one in the res and an air line hooked to the pump that pumps air in as it waterfalls back into the res. It’s setup like a current culture, pulls everything out of the res from the bottom through all the buckets back around to the pump, water falls back into the res.
I guess I’ll just have to break down and spend the money on a chiller.

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I used Hydroguard once & it started growing a nasty film on my res & roots within 2 days. I dumped everything & cleaned & restarted & everything came out ok. I still have the hydroguard on the shelf but why I don’t know $33.00 worth of crap in my opinion.

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It’s always one way or the other no in between either people say it works great and they love it or people say it didn’t work at all and it was a waste I can’t figure it out. My buddies temp runs around 72 and it seems to work great for him…

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If you aren’t already using it; peroxide is a hydro grower’s best friend. Package strength sprayed on surfaces sterilizes without residue and a dilute mix can be run through system with plants. Like 1/4 cup in 5 gallons, 3% peroxide. I disinfect at every rez change. NO BLEACH!


I think the root of my problem (pun intended lol) is my water temp, So I’m going to fight the problem until the water chiller I ordered comes in and then I will do a peroxide wash and hopefully keep the temps down and it won’t ever come back!!!

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The other thing is lots of air to the root zone.

Let me tag in a very experienced hydro grower: @peachfuzz. I listen closely to him.


That post a little earlier about hydroguard a friend suggested that it maybe due to the fact that the nutes I use are from G H & hydroguard is not. It’s possible that mixing them isn’t what yer supposed to do?

Well , advanced nutrients tends to stain roots sometimes…
Also a 2 inch air gap would be best from here on out…
Where are you taking your readings from…?
Ph , ppm and water temps…
The reason I’m asking is because it looks like you have an inline system , which means that the first plant readings aren’t going to be the same as the last plants readings…
At some point your definitely going to need some cal-mag…
Does your undercurrent pump run constantly…?
How many gph is your water pump…?
What size air pump are you running…?
Your water in your buckets doesn’t seem to be bubbling that much…
That’s why I would leave a 2 inch air gap from bottom of net basket to water line… :+1::wink:

I thought about that and advanced nutrients told me it was ok but that there voodoo juice was the same thing? I’m pretty new to all this and I’ve read so much conflicting things online about the hydroguard and temps from one person to the next. It seems to work great for some people and terrible for others. I read stories of people using hydrogen having 75° water with no problems, and then there’s other people that say they’ve had nothing but problems because of using hydroguard. I guess there are just so many variables with environment and species that its just case by case…

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I take my reading from 3 spots, both ends and the middle, today the readings were Ph 5.80-5.90, ppm 555-562.
Pump runs constantly, it’s a 400gph (370) and has and air line connectors to it before it water falls into the res

These are the air pumps I use

There are one of these in each bucket including the res

I just don’t understand unless it has to do with the water temp. I have grown plenty in just 5 gallon bubble buckets, here is one I have going now, The only difference is it’s in a separate box outside the ten so the water stays cooler.

This is only the second try in the new setup and the first ones started doing the samething right before I gave them to a couple buddy’s and there all doing fine now.
I put a bottom drain system on the new setup so it has to set up off the floor 2.5" and that made a big difference in water temp because the buckets are not on the cool concrete floor anymore, that 3-4 degrees is what my problem is I think… I’m hopeful that a water chiller and a h2o2 bath will fix the issue…

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Do you think I still need the bigger air gap??
If my calculations are correct it recirculates all the water about every 3 minutes. With all the air stones and the waterfall I figured that was plenty of oxygen???

Ya , I would still leave a 2 inch air gap…
But it sounds like you have plenty of movement and oxygen in there…
Are you sure that your getting a good temp reading… ?
Everything else that you have said sounds good…
Are the roots slimy or stinky…?
If not , I’m leaning towards your av nutrients making them that dark color…
I’m not a big fan of av nutrients in hydro…
I’ve only used them in soil , but have had a few friends in hydro say that those nutrients turned their roots weird colors… :thinking::man_shrugging:
Maybe check temps with a couple of different tools… :+1::wink:
If the roots aren’t slimy and stinky , I wouldn’t worry to much , just keep an eye on things…

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Are the roots of the dark plants at the end of your line? Or all the plants? And to me it looks like slime with the temps being 72 to 74 … I’m guessing you are taking your readings of 72 to 74 in you rez… was the temp issue while you had the ice bottles in there? It seems the temps are causing the hydro guard guard to bloom bacteria thrive in warm temps… maybe try peroxide run and clean and restart … I’m guessing you dont have a way to do this mid run …I dont do hydro but I understand bacteria and algea I live in florida and tried a bubble cloner and couldn’t get my temps under 78 and 9 out of 10 clones die from slime every time