Super silver haze not doing good help please

Ok growmies i need help i have this super silver haze has been doing good up to about 1 week ago . All of the sudden the shade leaves started turning yellow and not its almost the whole bottom part of the plant. I have not done anything different ive been using fox farm trio with happy frog soil. Im lost for words has anyone have any idea what is going on ??

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Perfectly normal to shed the older lower leaves and some on up this time of year. Go ahead a prune off all the discoloring leaves and throw them away. If left on the ground around the plant, can lead a perfect insect environment.

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So u dont think anything is wrong ???

Older lower leaves will fade and die after they have served their purpose. Maybe check your runoff numbers just in case.


Im on it its getting close to watering time here

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Well quick update …all my number were in range but i did a sledgehammer flush 2 weeks ago …i still cant put my finger on it i might lose this 1

The pic posted at the top was only 4 days ago this happen fast

Wow! That was quick descent indeed. Appears that pot is on the small size for SSH, which grows to 12’ outdoor. You have not been letting it dry out in this heat wave ? It likely should be watered morning and evening. The roots maybe strangulating it, as they generally are big roots. If it has not started flowering, I would prune off the lower branches and repot bigger or plant in ground. SSH has an awesome buzz…worth trying to save

I have another ssh that is doing great this plant was on 2 months old but it shot up fast ,this is another ssh that was planted 4 days after

The pot i thought would b ok but maybe not the top measures 21" and the bottom is 15" it holds 3.5 cubic feet of soil. Like i said i did a flush( Sledgehammer) yesterday and im just gonna try to nurse it back to health, any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. Here is a quick run down.

Super silver haze bought from ILGM , Happy frog soil, i started using form farm trio for nutes until i had a change of heart and went to the trusted Jacks 321. I fed fox farms for the 1st 6 weeks . As time passed it started showing signs of distress and i started trying to help , 1st by adding nitrogen but very little to see if i could see a change after a week of no results i added in a little calmag with no change i also moved it into a more shaded area in fear of the heat… i tried the the flush and here i am …