Super Silver Haze in Grow Box!

Well, gonna try it again ! Looks like I have at least 3-4 months before I have to go anywhere and maybe more. Have never tried a sativa aside from AK-47 and it was great ! This one is a big grower but I think I can top it to 8 colas (mainline). I probably should have gone with Indica but really love the Sativa high. It will be tricky due to the size of SSH is supposed to grow to but I am going to top the plant at 5 nodes back to 3-4 and let her run. Am hoping to get a fair yield.

What is the strain and type: Super Silver Haze Fem


Size of space (max height and area, length/width)? Height 49" Width 24" Deep 16" Personal made

Soil: Black Gold Potting soil with 30% perlite in 5 gallon black plastic pot

pH? Will keep all added water at 6.5 but will be using pH Perfect nutrients so will not check the pH of the feedings

Type and strength of nutrients used? Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi-Bloom and Golden Tree additive. No Veg nutes anticipated unless she show signs of needing it.

Temperature? Day vs. night temp: 70 night time 80 daytime

Humidity %: 75 Seedling, 50-60 Veg, 40 flowering

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR? MarsHydro 142 actual watt LED, 3 - 100 watt (actual watts 23 ea) accessory drop CFL lights for Flowering

Ventilation system? Size? CFM? CO2? AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? 4" fan (193 CFM) with charcoal fliter

Number “weeks/days” from into Season. Still seedling now

Going to see if I can do an easy grow and add as little as possible, just let the plant run. Will keep 2-3 times a week update and pictures once it gets a few sets of leaves.

Ya’ll take care Jerry


ALL RIGHT ! My SSH lady has appeared above the soil but still is covered with the seed pod. I am going to see if it comes off by itself or I have to take it off. Hope it drops by itself, I slipped and mangled a plant once taking off the pods. Guess I am not quite as steady as in my “younger years” lol. Keeping the RH high so she will have the best environment to start out in.

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Excited for you and the grow Jerry! I have considered growing SSH but will probably wait till spring and toss them in the greenhouse. Heard they can grow pretty big outdoors!

Yeah, I was a little concerned about the height but figured I would mainline it and turn it into 8 cola’s and try to keep their size controlled. We’ll see how it comes out! Jerry

My lady is showing leaves now and she is under the LED at about 18 inches and doing well so far. I am only watering with pH water and no nutes. Going to let the soil furnish the nutes for the first 3-4 weeks and take it from there. Adding Golden Tree additive when I get three or four nodes of leaves. I do not want to push them too fast. A week or two wait will not hurt anything! Ya’ll take care! Jerry

Been a few days and all I have done is lights and water. Have four nodes on her and starting to get a little taller, still not so tall. Kinda expected her first month was going to be stunted, I planted her in the only pot she will grow in, a 5 gal plastic pot. The plant has not had time yet to spread her roots. If I can put up my tent again, I may take it to a 10 gal pot and mainline it out. Have to wait and see.

Added 2ml /gal of Golden Tree to the water today and see if it helps a little. No nutes until the plants show need or Flowering.
Pictures coming soon.

Four nodes? Bout time to start your main line/ manifold :slight_smile:

Normally I would say yes but, my main stalk is not as strong as I would like it considering it very well may be holding a pretty good amount of weight and I want it strong. I think I may wait until 6 nodes and then start mainlining. The Mainlining instructions by Nugbuckets on you-tube says to wait until 6 and then cut back. I think I am going to take my time and get a little longer veg period. Longer veg period leads to more mature plants and a better yield. Since I will be cutting it back to three nodes, I figure I can wait a while. I am taking it slow but it is hard for me as I want to get some good sativa to go along with my White Widow. Thanks for following my grow. Jerry


Super Bowl Sunday ! My lady has five sets of nodes but still looks a little weak in the main stem so I am going to leave her alone for another week and let her stretch and get some more strength in her main stem. No water needed this AM but am going to water her tomorrow and put in Golden Tree again. Making sure that I have about 20% flow through on the water. The bottom family of leaves are getting bigger and it seems like she has established her bottom leaves well and most likely has some pretty good roots.
The soil has been holding water well, it looks like I have the right measure of perlite this time. I used a scoop that I am keeping with the perelite so I can get consistent soil for my future grows. That takes one variable out of the grow.

I just stuck a bag seed from a past purchase (two years ago!) in soil a week ago and low and behold, it sprouted ! Seems to be growing well and is catching up with the SSH quickly ! It is in a small 1 gal pot but considering my small grow space, it will still be tight in there with two plants. As I recall, this weed was a really nice sativa. I am unsure of the sex of the plant so I will watch it closely. Don’t want a male impregnating my SSH ! lol

1PM and the pre-game shows started 3 hours ago ! A little crazy but all I am watching is the game. Not interested in pre-game, just the game. Ya’ll stay safe. Jerry

PS: Pictures on Veg day #1, when ever that turns out to be ! !

Veg Day 1. Finally the journey begins. Have grown a quite a bit in the last thee days and am getting ready to start mainlining ! Fed small amt of 10-10-10 (2 ml) and Golden Tree (2 ml). PPM is not really where I want it yet (200) but have noticed that she seems to want more. Growth is going much better and I am wondering if it is the Golden Tree. The leaves look really nice and absolutely NO sign of any nutrient burn. I fed today and will consider raising the PPM on next feed (about four to five days). This is my first time really paying attention to the PPM and it has a learning curve as everything I learned since I started raising MJ ! If I am correct in reasoning, I will decrease the water and keep the nutes the same, it should raise the PPM. How much I am not sure but will try cutting the water in half and if it is too much, just add pH water. Am aiming for 400-600 ppm until I start flowering and then increase to 1200 during flowering. Maybe @latewood or @ MacGuyver can drop in and confirm my plan. Can’t wait to try my Sensi-Bloom during flowering! Appreciate it! Ya’ll take care and have a great grow. Jerry

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OK Time for baby pictures. The first two pics are of my bag seed (hopefully lady) that I have had sitting around for two years at least. The first is on 02/04 and the second is 02/13 in a one gallon pot. The second two are my SSH that were taken on the same date in a five gallon pot. Sure looks like the Golden Tree is making a difference. Jerry

I guess I have been testing the products, forgot the pics ! LOL Anyway, here they are.

Bag Seed

Now, The SSH:

For me, looks like the new additive is a permanent part of my grows from now on ! Jerry


Veg day 4 (4/14):
Just checked them this AM. Growing fast now. Gonna let the SSH veg for about a month if I can but that may be a little too ambitious. Most likely stop at 2-3 weeks. The grow box is small as it is and I elected to go with a tall sativa, so space is going to be tight at the end to put it mildly. Gonna make it work one way or the other. Kind of looking forward to the challenge. :sunglasses:

The bag seed plant is taking off also, it is gonna be an Indica. Big wide Indica leaves. Gonna be a tight fit!

Hoping to get it topped into two colas, maybe Supercrop it. Never done that but like I said, this grow is going to be challenging. It may be the most efficient use of the small space. Any Input?

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Veg Day 5
Went into mainlining this AM. They both look good and I was surprised that when I was done it looked almost like the instruction clip. I decided to take the option of leaving a set of big leaves below the top. I figured it might help produce more sugar to help the scars heal. Gave some water and sprayed them a couple times. Sitting in the grow box looking good several hours later ! Will feed tomorrow.
Surprised that they are using as much water as they are. I am watering 2000 ml almost every day but I keep them draining all the time so they run off. All my feeds and some of my watering have overflow of 100-300 ml. minimum. I have never seen the plants grow this good and look so nice. I’m thinking about what Will and I talked about and letting my plants have water running through the roots all the time. Almost Hydro but not quite. Have to remember that they might need nutes more often if it is running off all the time. May change my soil a little next year if this works.
Temps in the grow box are not an issue. Nights 65 and days 75 almost every day. Humidity has been a little low but do not really have the money to put into that problem. Just add more water in the grow box and keep on trucking. The RH has been 40-45 mostly with some days in the 35% range.
Excited to see how they do after tonight. Later all, Jerry

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Good start!!! Thanks for sharing. I am so gald to see that you are getting into this with such good grow habits. :slight_smile:

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Veg Day 6
@Latewood thanks for your input.
The plants are looking awesome. Think I am starting to get the hang of growing, if I can get my relatives to stop from visiting at the wrong times! lol The mainlining has not seemed to make any difference in the growing process, they have new growth on them today. Am seriously stoked about how well they are growing so far. The SSH looks great and the leaves show no sign of any damage at all.
The indica bag seed is growing really fast and the trimmed leaves are hanging near the edge of the one gallon pot now. I am going to let them veg until I get to my next trimming appt. The way they look today, it won’t be long before I have to trim again ! !
I am seriously considering putting up my 2x4x5 tent for them. I wasn’t going to but the size of the plants has me wondering if I stepped too far trying SSH in such a small space. I am going to let them run for a couple weeks and see if I can make it happen in the Grow Box. If I can’t make it in the grow box, I am going to use it for some clones and let them stay in there while I finish the others in the tent. Another option. That’s what I love about growing, always a work in progress ! Ya’ll take care and stay warm (for all you in the north east). Jerry

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Veg Day 7
OMG ! The indica has grown FOUR flowering buds over the last 24 hours. SSH is getting there fast also, I believe she has four also. I see two for sure and the other two are really small but it looks like buds also ! (the old eyes are not quite as sharp as they used to be ! LOL) Am very happy with this grow so far. I went back and took the bottom extra leaves off the indica since they are growing so fast. Nothing wrong with this plant ! I am likely to do the same thing to the SSH tomorrow.
Fed nutes today 10-10-10 3ml and Golden Tree 2.5ml in 2000 ml water. PPM 444 (double last feeding) and pH 6.55. Will have to start making more than 2000ml, there was not enough to drain out the bottom. I ended up putting almost 1700 in the SSH before I got any return. The Indica took over 1000 before I saw any return. They are both using a lot of water. Only too happy to give them more mixture.
Just realized that these plants are only 2 weeks old and are really rocking!

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@latewood @MacGyverStoner Maybe you can answer my question about nutes when I am flowering for a short time to find out sex of a plant. See 1st paragraph below.

Veg Day 7 (contd)
Put them to bed early tonight to get a long night’s sleep and hopefully start flowering soon. I am going to 12/12 in the AM and will start flowering nutes in two days. Am not really sure about the flowering nutes as I will likely be returning to vegging again. Can’t find anything in the books!

The two reasons to go to flowering are:

  1. I have one seed of unknown sex and I want to flower it to see if it is male or female. As soon as I find out, back to vegging !
  2. SSH is a very tall plant and I do not want it to get too big before starting flowering. As soon as I find the sex of the indica, I will return to vegging. That should give me a little idea of the amount of stretch I am going to get in the SSH during flowering.

Have never done flowering to determine sex before so, another first for this grow !

I am not a fan of flowering an entire plant to determine sex! Bad idea. You should take a cutting, and root it. Then place it in a dedicated box under a cfl to induce flower and determine sex.


Veg Day 9 (02/19)
Was going to flower to determine sex and return to veg but got some good advise from Latewood. The growth overnight was Amazing again. I cannot afford to veg any more, I do not have the space and I cannot raise the tent until April (family problems again, can’t seem to avoid them !). Gonna start Flower nutes tomorrow and go from there, watching closely.

The runoff method of water on each feeding/watering has made a huge difference in how these plants grow. The Golden Tree may have also made a difference. They look so healthy that I do not want to mess with the it and change anything. This is really how they are supposed to grow. My other grows were stunted compared to this time out and I am happy. I know it would be better to let them veg longer but it is what it is!

Seedling to now is 16 days and my lower fan leaves that I left on are now cut off. They were a full 6 inches, and covered the my whole hand.

Gonna start on 3ml/liter of Sensi-Bloom A & B and run it up from there or keep adding Golden Tree and that will bring up the ppm. Will check the ppm before feeding and may have to take it up to keep my ppm going up. Want to hit 1200 ppm this time or higher ! Will take it up slowly each feeding. Jerry