Super silver haze fem


Deciding on third grow and wondering if anybody has grown this. Done two autos but thinking about a photoperiod plant this time. More or less the only difference from an auto will be flipping it to 12/12 ? Well and more yield Sound right? I’m usually fiscally challenged so was sticking to the deal section and this one is sativa Dom


they get big i got alil over 4oz from my ss pineapple is a heavy yeilder too i got 5oz off it


Anybody grow this? Lol trying to choose between the deal seeds lol. Looking for a peppier strain growing ak now just finished a northern lights. NL after smoking a joint I just prefer to recline and watch a little Telly while I contemplate lol. Looking for a get something done strain. Higher sativa side of the ratio ? I’ve seen some at other companies but if I’m anything I’m loyal lol. Sticking with Ilgm. My tattoo guy moved to a new location but I stay with him. Hate to go somewhere else and then come back he’d be like oh what’s this? Lol


Many growers here have grown the Super Silver Haze. I think you will enjoy it. :slight_smile: