Super Silver Haze dwarfs

From a fellow grower: Strain: SSH super silver haze sativa

Type: feminine

Climate is confused: I started it in winter, in Az, indoors. They went from seed in water-Tap Root-seed in dirt-in hydroponic couple weeks/months??? Then the green house that I built-and then after a month month-and-a-half in the greenhouse they’re Outdoors… So they’ve had a confusing life to say the least

I just explained the medium.

Ph: tested the soil and the water and they’re both right where they should be right around 7.

Nutrient mix: Potting soil mixed with Coco coir. I also did not receive nutrients pkg until 6-8 wks into grow… [Me >$, You supply probs & your internet dropped you over night] We both got the shaft that month…

Light type: Iinitially fluorescent 20"-went to LED-went to larger bulbs and now to natural daylight.

Temperature day and night indoor temperature stayed 60s to 80s. In February in the greenhouse one day I registered 102°(inside)

Humidity: Day/night varies nothing drastic Az desert

Ventilation: Open, corrugated ribs top & bottom. No AC, no humidifier, no dehumidifier, nothing with CO2

I think the biggest problem with the grow, outside of being poor and not being able to get my nutrient package up front, was the fact that they’ve bounced around so much, they don’t know what world you’re living in.

They’re at 11-12 weeks now

That’s a tough life on a hardy plant. At least she’s still willing to flower for you! Any pictures of the whole lady?

When you say feminine and it is outside and flowering it must be an autoflower. Autos prefer a laid back stress free life.


Me too :love_you_gesture:t2:


Girl on left is 11wks, 3 days, 18" from soil
Girl on right is 13wks today, 12" from soil & 3rd (not shown) is also 13wks & 11" from soil
Hope I did this right…

They’re not “Auto”…
They had a looooooong journey to get outside
They have had ANYTHING but, a stress free life

Welcome to the forum!

You’re along for the ride now. You’ve got them this far and it looks like you’ll at least get some bud. Keep showing them love.

Long days outside are likely to make them try to re-veg adding more stress. I would make sure they don’t get more than 12 hrs light.

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I have since moved slightly, my 2 flowering starts… Don’t get direct Sun Til 7:30Am & are out of direct by 6Pm.
Thanks…Old Fart trying everything I can B-4 I leave this plane of existence