Super silver haze coco grow

Back with another little tester of a SSH regular seed. This girl is 25 days old on 18/6 switching to 20/4 tonight. Growing in 50/50 coco to perlite. Feeds are at 1150 ec 5.8-9 ph twice a day, runoff usual right at 1200 ec. Light is a HLG 135w rspec at about 70% power currently, topped and bottom two sets of fans cut 4 days ago.


I’m assuming you mean ppm as that would be tough to get to in ec lol.

Sorry was referring to ųs/cm for ec, should of said 1.1!

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Flipped my girl to 12/12 today, 3rd grow (1st in coco) and starting to feel like I have most of this down!

This is her two days ago but feel like she’s doubled in size after feeding her recharge that day!! Adding a little open sesame tomorrow to the feed. NPK of solution is 2.5-2.01-1.84. This is my current nutrients on hand

And I have some ChaChing (9-50-10) coming in between the 14th and 20th.

Current feed is running 5 ml of bloom city calmag per gallon, 15 ml of big bloom per gallon, 15 ml of grow big per gallon, and just added .25 ml per gallon of open sesame. Next week reducing grow big to 5ml and adding tiger bloom at 5 ml. Using a recharge feed once every Monday. Any suggestions?

Usually fertigate twice a day at about 6-7 oz with 20% run off, ph at 5.8 until was having some calcium issues so raised to 6.1 each feeding and feeding currently at 1.4 ec

Any suggestions for the flower switch? @garrigan62 not sure of very many other coco experts on here to tag lol

Well plant turned out to be a boy! Not bad for 33 days old today though, thinking about starting a GG#4 auto tonight!

Second guessing the sex, so kept this going, defoliated pretty hard as a ‘welp its a boy might as well stress test this strain then’ but have 6 pretty good canopies going. Will post pictures when my phone turns on. Problem I have now, I have run out of room in the 2x2x4 tent lol had to elevate my humidifier as it is always under a branch blasting it. Top branches were starting to bleach from being too close to light, lights already at the top of the tent, and heat stress from the light intensity, any more than 1 fan in there has branches being blasted to fierce with winds so have the passive intake hopefully making up with a fan 10 feet away blowing in.

Update! Day 38

Had some upward curling of the leaves going on that I chalked up to being overwatering, gave up on high fertigation hand watering and doing one fertigation a day for now. She just drank 24 oz for the day!

She definitely outgrew the tent and I have a 4x4x8 showing up Monday!

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Transplant was a success! Only had one branch do a 90 degree angle on me during it, must of happened when I 'clawed the coco to slightly break up the slight rootbound on the bottom, good I love coco and recharge effect on roots!

New tent came in today! Much easier to control humidity now then in such a confined space! She’s 42 days old today, don’t really have a plan with her right now other than test with her a bit since this has been my first actual alright grow to veg, working on six main cola areas currently, but probably gonna top her again any day now. Feeds are 3ml/g bloom city calmag (calimagic just came in the mail yesterday though!) 5 ml/g ff grow big and 10ml/g ff big bloom. Ec to 1.0, ph 5.9. Trying a clone as well currently (located under main plant) using my 135w hlg qb rspec with blue light from bloomspect 1000w now defoliated lower growth yesterday, last picture from yesterday

Jeez Louise! Three days after transplant I’m already seeing roots come out of the bottom, and some of the side holes, made sure it had a good 5 inches of coco on bottom of the pot before putting her in! Should I trim these or leave them be?

About to do another light defoliation and my second topping


Day 44 from seed, lighting 20/4 feeds are 60 oz 1.1 ec ph 6.0 about 9 oz of run off. Changed up feed of fox farm to 60 ml/g of big bloom, grow big 20 ml/g, 5 ml/g calimagic and started using 1/8 tsp of open sesame, makes my ph with my RODI water a perfect 5.9 ph. This mix makes a concentrate of 2.2 EC that I dilute to 1.1 EC

Canopy is filling in pretty nicely, anything anyone would suggest to do for training? First successful plant this far! Day 45 from seed.

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@Slym3r @Covertgrower @GreenSnek second attempt is going much another!

Day 48 today! After last post had a slight phosphorus lock up from the Open sesame, did my calculation wrong and def made a slow day or two fixing her out of that. Have npk dialed back into a 4-2.5-3.6 and she’s looking alot better. Dropped Big Bloom as well hearing horror stories of pythium build up and added BushDoctor Kangaroots! Have a bottle of Grow Big Hydro arriving tomorrow!

Got a clone rooted as well! Flowering to make 110% is a female!

Grow big hydro showed today, she’s LOVING it. Saw a fungus gnat so added some perlite for top soil, hoping that and the baccilus thuringiensis in kangaroots is enough before any problem occurs.

Definitely flourishing, feel bad about being stuck at the hospital the last 6 days with my daughter only being able to water once every 2 days, priorities come first though! Believe we’re on day 56 now