Super Silver Haze Attributes

Newer grower here. I have Super Silver Haze in the queue for my grow room.

My grow space is only 5’ high and I’ve noticed among all of the Super Silver Haze photos I’ve seen that the strain is tall and lanky. Is it feasible to manage the strain’s height via cropping and/or fiming (along with plenty of light) and still have a good yield?

You can have a great yield with those methods I would look into low stress training if you haven’t already as that will be a sure way to keep your height down while opening budsites to create an even canopy and more tops! You could also do a shorter veg. and flip to flower earlier but your yield will likely be alot less than if you were to train and let go til atleast a 5 or 6 week veg


When dealing with 5 foot restrictions, if possible I would look more towards Indica strains short and bushy. I think that Haze is heavy on the santiva side more tall and lanky. You can still make it work just fine little more effort. Just my thoughts happy growing.

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