Super Short Autoflowers

They say that size doesn’t matter, but I’m getting concerned.

This is my first indoor grow and I’m growing three autos, Bruce Banner, Girlscout Cookie, and Gorilla Glue in soil, using Dr Earth nutrients, an SF-2000 LED from Spider Farmer, and water.

Today is day 22 since they popped out of the soil and they are extremely short, yet their main stalk is strong and thick (the Gorilla Glue is like a pencil).

I was going to LST them today, but they seem too short - maybe these autos won’t need it.

Am I just being a nervous first-time father or should I tweak my grow in some way?

Thanks for your help, Growman48!



Welcome to the forum.

Backing down the lighting can encourage them to stretch out a little. I manage height and plant density (to the extent possible) by manipulating lighting.

They look very healthy.


Light distance and schedule? How much and often water? Autos seem to grow smaller than photos, as most of them have been bred with a lowryder or other short ruderalis. I just harvested a 15” plant…but she had a 50 gram cola. Keep em happy and you’ll get a good reward :grin:

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Thanks for the feedback.

I water them just about everyday, but never to run-off.

Currently they’re on an 18/6 light cycle and the light is about 22 inches (56 cm) from the top of the girls.

A 50g cola, wow!!! Good stuff, hopefully I’ll be there one day.

Cannabis likes cycles of wet and dry. I let my soil dry out completely before watering again.


Currently growing a GSCE auto myself and it’s short and bushy. I lst’d it probably about the stage you’re at now. It turned out looking nice I think. I water every 3 days. Lift the pot, when it’s light: water, if it’s heavy: don’t.
Your plants look great! You’re doing something right :wink:


I grew a GSC last year. Love that earthy mint smell.

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Good advise. :point_up_2:. You could maybe drop your light to about 18”. I have a sf2000 and a hlg 260 rspec. You can get the sf2000 a little closer. Just my opinion tho…


The girls are lookin good!

Just hit day 18 with my GSE autos, raising my lights few inches got the stretch I was looking for. Didn’t take much time for them to respond at all.

Happy growin!



Hello fellow Missourian. “Show me” the buds. Lol. Best of luck :raising_hand_man:t2:

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Hey man! Bout time MO went medical eh!

Always looking to connect with local growers. Those buds look noice

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Those look great!!!

Thanks! I’ve Been waiting 20+ years for legal cultivation. Lol. I really never thought I’d see the day. I figured the only way I’d ever grow my own meds is once I retire and move to Colorado. Best of luck in your garden and life. Keep in touch, love talking with locals. :+1:. Let’s go blues!!..and redbirds. Lol. Stay safe and medicated my friend :exploding_head:


It was my best so far it finished at 8 1/2". Also in Mo.

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What strain is that? Looks yummy. Nice to see fellow Missourians. takin advantage of the recent changes in laws…finally!

White Widow auto. Yeah its fun and a great hobby glad they are starting to see the light. I’m glad the MORE act passed congress, hope it does the same in the senate. I wrote to my local congressman (probably yours too) and he has his head up his rear end about pot. When it comes time to vote again (senate) call or write or E-mail your senator. look at this MORE Act going to a vote Friday - #6 by pillsbury

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They look fine for day 22, they will take off soon.

WW auto day 40 from seed.


day 40 from sprout gorilla cookies extreme autos 1in dwc 1 in soil