Super secret experiment you all can know about


Ah you think? Isnt it late to try to make pollen? It’s not that… It’s super secret


Are you trying to make seeds with the silver product?


Oh no it’s not to late to harvest pollen. But probably to late for seeds.


Nope. Good guess


And the mystery deepens


Hmmm I’m not big on mysteries lol. No pollen? No seeds? So not trying to get a polyploid? If not one of those then what purpose could ruining a good bud.


Lol!!! Well its good its not your bud!! Lmao

For the record I’ve never had so much weed. I couldn’t be happier. I’m even throwing a party at my house next week where I’m gonna give away about 1/2zip to my friends

This little experiment is why I’m growing. It’s fun. It’s my hobby, not my source of income. I’ll probably never sell a nug in my life. That’s being said. I’m gonna have fun with it however I want :+1::call_me_hand::facepunch:


@basementstealth well said :grinning:
Happy growing is what its about!!!


Ok update. It looks a little different


Are you bringing out colors with something cold?


Interesting thought… But no


Yeah I guess having enough to not worry about running out will make a difference in my risk lol. For now I’m just trying to get enough to make it from one grow to the next.

Hey you emailed Mars also didn’t you?


Almst looks like its burnt…but i dnt think thats it :thinking:


That plant looks over done… not sure that the plant won’t die before your experiment comes to an end…:thinking:
Either way , I’m interested… :wink:



Not overdone. Clear trichomes. Refer to the pics from my grow journal. But thanks for the heads up @peachfuzz


I’ll hang out & wait for the reveal. Never been a fan of guessing games, but I do love a good experiment



Plant is dying my friend… not sure what your doing… but let’s see what happens… I just think I already know whats going to happen…
Maybe I’m wrong… but I’m sure that you need too harvest… :wink:
Plants are ready for harvest… :grin:


Dude the plant isn’t dying its growing. Thanks for your opinion but the color u see is because if a technology I applied.


I’ll check the trichomes again and post pictures for u since u seem so concerned

The leaves look the way they do because of a ppm burn.

Okay promised pics of trichomes

Each pic from a different cola.
Does she look done?