Super Lemon Haze flowering at 47 days

From a fellow grower: First and main issue is - I have 2 of the Super Lemon Haze indoors - it’s day 47 today (2nd December) and 1 of them has been in flower for approx. 1 week, lights are on 18 and off for 6 hours .

Welcome my first thoughts would be did you start with auto seeds

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the grower started with Super Lemon Haze feminised seeds

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Can you post a photo taken in natural light? Also a close up photo of one of the tops, again in natural light.


I started with a clone Super Lemon Haze. But flower phasing in photo is the same as from seed. Here is a pic of my SLH at 1 week.

Also if they are photos you might want to go 12/12.
Here is my SLH as of 27 days in flower.

I flipped to 12/12 at 1st sight of pistils, crowns appeared after 2 weeks in 12/12.

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Hi @Weedlvr0321, I hope all is well. Just a quick question on your Super Lemon Haze if your still around and have a minute?

Did your SLH have purple stems on the top side of the leaves like in this picture

? Or am I looking at the start of a deficiency? The back of the stems are green so a phosphorus deficiency perhaps? She’s only a month old and has been going greatguns other then probably a bit of stoner paranoia so any deficiency would only be in very early stages, she’s just in value potting mix from Bunnings under a 450 viparspectre in an old fridge. Any thoughts appreciated :call_me_hand:t3:

Yes mine had purple on the leaf stems…perfectly normal

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Sweeeeeeet, thanks a bunch🤙🏼

:+1: glad I could help you

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Wow this amazing. I jus got my super lemon haze auto seeds n can’t wait for my dirt to come . ur plant is beautiful can’t wait to see full outcome . an I see this is photo an wanted to ask when it comes time to flip light how do you kno its time to flip