Super high PPM on runoff

Having trouble with one plant having a high PPM of 3940 i have flushed 2 times, leaves appear to be turning yellow which i expect due to end of flowering (I’m about 1 1/2 weeks for harvest) but there also drooping like over watering, Its coco coir which i just learned need to water more than i was. With that being said seems like flushing more will over water. Opinions?

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Should be able to water until run off on coco everyday no issues.
If you have any pictures it would help.


I’ve not seen any over-watering issues with coco and I use straight coco - no perlite, even watering multiple times a day to runoff. More likely to have under-watering issues with coco.

The high ppm of the runoff pretty much says you’ve been under watering.


You water multiple time a day to lower PPM?


No, I water multiple times a day to provide the roots with oxygen rich water more often, which makes for faster growth.

I water to a good amount of runoff (20-30%) at every watering (at least daily past the sprout stage) to keep ppms where they should be. Not giving enough water (and getting good amounts of runoff) leads to nute and salt buid-up and higher ppms. Keep coco moist, don’t let it get dry.


Thanks for the advise


I think that is my issue also.