Super happy with recharge

I know there’s a lot of products out there and it gets super overwhelming for me but I gotta say recharge really works. I fed it to my soil plants yesterday and the difference is night and day. They parked right up.


I have used it and am happy with it too.
Not always so dramatic a difference but definitely a good product.

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I was not expecting it to do half of what it did I’m shocked .

Can you use it in hydro. I know it says you can but I have 4 dwc hydro plants I wanna try it on if it’s ok.

I use it in coco which is essentially a hydroponic grow.
Others have used it in hydro as well.
Perhaps start off with a light dose and see what happens.

I highly recommend Recharge as well. I mix it in my water every 7-10 days.

I only top dress nutes with Gaia Green every 3-4 weeks.

Recharge is great for the roots and allows them to absorb proper nutrition at a much wider range of pH allowing you to grow a little more idiot proof :smiley:


I think any combination of good quality Mycorrhizae and Fungi / Bacteria will get you there. Using both is what is important. I basically start from day one by adding Great White to seedling mix and subsequent transplants (coco)
Good looking girls.

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I have great white as well. When should I use the great white? Just for transplants?

Thanks for the info bro. I’ve been watching the DCG YouTube and they swear by it. If ilgm fam says it good I’m game!!

I’m seriously considering switching to this method of growing . It Seems like if done correctly the quality of the finished product is just as good as the quality of plants that were fertilized with synthetic nutrient. Why not go organic if it doesn’t effect the quality. Have you always grown organic or did you switch from synthetic nutes @ThermoNukePanda


Honestly before this i always used the FF Trio and grew autoflowers.

I CONSTANTLY battled with pH and salt lock issues, eapecially towards the end even despite my attempts to use the sledgehammer flushes as scheduled. I grew some quality stuff, but it was a stressful wild ride.

Not to mention having to constantly measure out liquids, mix stuff, etc. Just was a pain in the butt after a while.

I’m VERY happy with my choice to switch to dry Gaia Green. Its easier in my opinion, plants look fantastic, and much less work and micromanaging

@matty777 So yeah, I’ve only used the 444 veg powder and switched to the flower stuff a few weeks ago.

I also have been adding some of the glacial rock powder.

The ONLY thing i think i need to sort out for next grow as its too late now is a calcium powder additive like crab meal or something.

Its great just throwing on a bunch of tablespoons of stuff and then just watering with regular dechlorinated water (i fill up 5gal home depot buckets and just let them sit for 24 hours before use)