Super glue seedling curling along with unknown strains

This is my second time ever growing (first plants got stolen when I was younger and didn’t get much experience). I currently have 2 super glue strain seedlings that I got from a dispensary that seem to be curling along with about 4 other plants that all got germinated April 1st-7th. I’m using 3 30w LED brite lab saber trios and a 40 watt led grow light with a red and white light spectrum that all hang about 3 1/2 feet from the plants in a 2x5 closet. I also have a fan on them to circulate airflow and keep the closet cool. I really need some advice on how to set the lights (the brite labs have a red/blue/purple spectrum and can be brightened or dimmed at 6 different intensities). I’m afraid I’m either overwatering them (all in solo cups but 1 that’s in a 1 gal pot because i thought it would be better to transplant it there since it had sprouted its 2td set of leaves). Or I have too many lights going at once those are my assumptions but I’ve never done this before and aren’t sure. Any advice is appreciated and I hope to get some knowledge from joining this site

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First off, WELCOME TO THE FORUM! I Will tag @dbrn32 for you. He’s the lighting guru! But my opinion is seedlings don’t need strong light. The height of lights is dictated by your babies. If they are stretching, lower light. If leaves start to bunch up, as in, growing close to the lower leaf, raise the light.
Read lots of posts here. A lot of information can be obtained. Lots of friendly, helpful folks!


I agree, sounds like your lights are too far away. Not really sure how large you plan to get these plants, but it sounds like you are probably going to want a larger light to have good harvest weights. The lights you have are more designed for growing succulents and microgreens, and don’t really have the intensity to get cannabis to produce well.

Helps to post some pictures too, then we can see exactly how things look.


I’ve been unable to post since yesterday because of my profile being new, apparently I only had a limited # of replies I could post.

I plan to grow them about 4-5 feet tall but the problem is I only have about 2 1/2 feet in width in my closet so I’ll have to eventually train the stalks or improvise but I was going to cross that bridge when I got to it.

I’m using the LED lights for multiple reasons but mainly for the low heat output so they don’t scorch any plants. Basically using quantity over quality in that aspect. Since yesterday I’ve put all the seedlings them on top of 5 gallon buckets & flipped em to make little stands so they could be closer to the light. I’ve also been watering twice a day which I realize is a mistake and am taking extra precautions now by spacing the watering timer wayyyy further apart

this is what the setup is looking like right now

and this is a current photo of the plants

superglues are front right and back left (the cup of water on the floor is so they evaporate and create humidity with the fan if that’s a usless method to create humidity let me know so I don’t look anymore stupid lol)

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