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And a good ventilation from above the canopy will help too. …

And you’re welcome @Herbalist


My pleasure sorry @Niala didnt mean to take this from under you :frowning:

And as @Niala mentioned good ventilation on top and around plants :slight_smile:


I did’nt see it that way @Majiktoker, it’s more of a team work :wink::+1::ok_hand::v::innocent:


Oh, my poor plant! I just returned from a business trip, in which I was gone for 72 hours. Naturally, one of the first things I did after bringing in our stuff and greeting the dogs, was to check on the plant. Oh dear. The humidity was all the way up to 68%! On the good side, the temperature was up to 70. My poor plant looked so bedraggled and sad, with droopy, shriveled leaves. :cry: On the plus side, it still continued to grow in volume and height, so I had to take it off the box it was sitting on, so it would be further from the lights. (I might be turning into the “crazy plant lady,” but I thought I could hear a sigh of relief when I did that, lol) I turned on the bathroom fan and left the door open for a bit, to get the humidity down. The good news is, the soil’s moisture level has gone down to the point that it was “cool and moderately moist,” rather than saturated. It has been ten days since I’ve needed to water! Is that good or bad? :worried: I will check it again this afternoon, and see if it is ready for another drink. I checked this morning, and the leaves have relaxed and perked up quite a bit. Whew! I had ordered a small table top heater which arrived while I was gone, so I will set it up today and run it for short periods. That should help improve the temperature, keep the humidity under control, and help dry out the soil. What do you think?

Now the other concern I have: This thing, an ILGM Amnesia Haze Auto is now 50 days from seed, and I don’t see any sign of flowering! Should I be concerned? Is all the heat, light, and humidity stress it’s gone through the cause of delayed flowering? Will it EVER flower? @Niala

Oh, on the other plus side: It does smell heavenly! It doesn’t smell up the whole house, but if the bathroom door is left open, the fragrance spills out into the laundry room. It’s not at all “stinky,” but has that green, earthy scent, like early in the morning, the day after you mow your lawn. It’s fantastic! :heart_eyes:

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Pictures will be greatly helpful :wink: :innocent:, however, it has gone with little light and temperature issues as well as humidity swings, just keep up the good work by controlling the environnemental aspect, so, it’s normal that it has a little set back in growth, but, eventualy, she will flower :wink::grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Thanks Al. I will get you a couple of pictures later today. I do need to get moving and pop into the office for a couple of hours. But I’ll be back! I will tag you when I return with those pics. :slight_smile: By the way, you have been incredibly helpful and supportive through this grow. Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome @Herbalist, the pleasure is mine :wink::innocent: I will be looking for your tag :eyes:

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@Niala, Here are the pictures.

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It’s expected , it’s look like over watered but it’s the RH too high from the last few days :wink::innocent:

Get rid of all the greyish /brown leaves like this one

And keep a close eye on these

And try to keep RH level between 40 to 50 %, it’s only gone a be beneficial :wink::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Good Morning @Herbalist. I will say it is bad. It seems to me that you are not getting proper drainage? I’m thinking the max between watering for your plant would be three days max. But if your soil feels damp/moist (check with finger down to the first knuckle) then you aren’t getting enough air around the roots.

We’d have to see what you had for pots to really know how to fix that problem…

Hope they’re getting better!

Actually I think the humidity caused the stoma to close so it couldn’t use the water. It’s still bad, but I’m fixing it.

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Okay, so I ordered a digital ph pen, woo-hoo! It arrived yesterday, which was just perfect timing because it was time to water again-- oh yeah, I’ve been keeping the temperature and humidity within reasonable perameters, and my plant is doing much better. :slight_smile: Anyway… I watered, tested the ph of what I put in (6.8), then tested the run-off, and it was 5.6. I know I want that run-off to be around 6.5. Here I was, thinking my ph (via piece of junk two prong soil meter) was too high, so I added coffee grounds and used tea bags to help lower it, and in fact I now have the opposite problem! So all that to to ask: what kind of problems can I expect with a soil ph that is too low? (I know how to get it back up) Thanks. @Majiktoker, @garrigan62, @MacGyverStoner, @Niala

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With a soil ph to low it can lead to toxic build ups, and sort of all if not taken care of immediately can lead to health problems for your plant

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I thought I would update: As I said on another thread, I just realized my plant is NOT an auto, but a photoperiod feminized. So we switch the lights to 12/12, when 59 days old. Today is the third day of the shorter light cycle. I have the humidity and temperature under much better control now.

Oh, and you know how when you go to the doctor, after seeing that you are breathing, conscious, and have a pulse, one of the first questions they ask is, “are you peeing and pooping okay?” Well, same as with a plant-- before, it went ten days without watering, and the soil was still very wet, because the humidity was so high the stomas on the plant closed and it couldn’t use the water. But this morning it has only been 2 days since the last water, and it was ready for more! I even used a paper towel to test it, and the paper towel came out dry! So my plant is “peeing and pooping okay.” :slight_smile:


Well, we’ve been in the 12/12 light cycle for four weeks now, and as you can see, we have some flowers forming! We’re super excited to try it. It’s kind of fun, scrolling through the pictures from when it was a seedling to now. We are amazed at how much growth has occurred just in the past four weeks!


UPDATE: We harvested on April 28. We don’t know what the wet weight was, because we just hung it upside down by it’s roots to dry, whole. I will post one last update when we get a dry weight, and give an appraisal of what it’s like to smoke it. I know this: This plant DOES NOT stink! Any scent (it can’t really be considered an “odor,” but more of a fragrance-- extremely pleasant, bright, uplifting.

My second grow (another amnesia haze) has been moved to the “bloom room,” and put under 12/12 light cycle. It is already responding appropriately. :smile:


Hello, first off let me say, awesome grow I just read the whole thing and was excited to see it from start to finish. I hope my grow goes just as well as yours. You say that you’re hanging the whole plant, including roots? I’m just a beginner but from what I’ve read on the forum that may give you a more soil tasting, root flavored smoke. I’m not to positive though I can’t remember the thread I read it on but it’s just my opinion to maybe cut the stalk and roots off. Anyways you have a great plant there! I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results! Happy growing.

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Well this post officially ends my grow journal. I wanted to upload a picture of our best little bud, but I like to do it by emailing it to myself first (so I can use my desktop to post the picture instead of my phone), but it didn’t work for whatever reason. :frowning:

Anyway… it was a minuscule harvest, of 16 grams dry. On the upside… it is very high quality, seriously potent and has a uniquely bright, uplifting, lemony taste and aroma. It’s really different!

So the take away: This was my first successful, seed to harvest grow ever. Successful, as in it did get to completion, and the plan did not die, and the end product is of high quality. I had some problems with heat and light stress, and now I know how to avoid that.

I now have another plant (same strain) in the bloom room. It was vegged quite a bit differently from the first one, and I’ve conducted a couple of other little experiments on it. I also have a clone from this plant in veg, and I have a Gold Leaf seedling that is just getting its second set of true leaves. Lots of room for experimentation, to see what types of treatments will produce the best yield.


Great job!
I st one down it can only get better from here. Congrats on your harvest, please tag me in your future journals so I can follow along . @Herbalist


My plants twist too. I think they move to get more light.