Super excited , can't wait to get these started


After harvesting my first hydro grow with 6 plants under a 600 watt HPS I yielded 22 ounces dry , but I got a little surprise in there as well , I believe my ILGM Super Silver Haze crossed with my Juicy Fruit… both are major monster plants so I think I’m going to be a happy man , because I’m already doing a happy dance …this is everything I rounded up out of the yield which was more than expected but enough to be super happy LOL… :wink:

What should I call her I was thinking super juicy Haze… but then who knows… let’s see what you guys come up with… :wink:
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The other weird thing to mention about these seeds is the fact that they were on the outside of the bud …none of the buds have seeds deep inside of them …they were just sparse here and there and they were on the outside… the reason I know it crossed with my super silver haze is because it’s the only plant in the room that throws bananas and it did and i had the fan blowing across the super silver haze across the Juicy Fruit… first time that’s happened …but like I said I’m happy about it… :wink:

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happy to congratulate ya on your newfound bounties. If we pick the name, can I get 1? lol, “SuperFruit” may be appropriate


Thks @bryan … I would if I could. … lol… :wink:

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Well congrats then!! How about " Silver Juicy Haze"


Hey Peach, I can’t seem to find a journal of yours… do you have any flowering? Those plants look hench and I always try to find your journal with no luck! Help a brother out would ya


I’ve never done one before… I usually just share pictures every now and then… :thinking:
Maybe I should start one with this thread and these beans and maybe a couple of og’s that were crossed with ilgm ssh and ww… :wink:

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