Super Dwarf Plant

I have a dwarf female of unknown strain. It was growing outside and went to flower. The tricones were turning brown,and I brought it inside. Will it continue to bud under a 12/12 schedule? It is only 8" but has branches. It is the smallest dwarf I have ever seen. The longest leaf is less than 2 centimeters. It would probably yield about 2g’s is my guess. What should I do with it?

I’d imagine it should continue to flower under a 12/12 light/dark cycle.

Is it the trichomes that are turning brown, or the pistil hairs? Usually the hairs turn orange/brown first, and often you need magnification to really see the crystal like trichomes turning amber.


Has something similar - just let it grow and do it’s own thing and you are correct your yields will be very small - Hey! make a Bonsai plant put out if it - have seen some very interesting “small”{ plants


Hey Steve, you mite be on to something there Buddy…lol


It is the pistil hairs. I noticed that the lower buds have white pistils, so I trimmed the upper buds off. It is on a 12/12 schedule now, and I fed it.

It will start to grow - if growing a bonsi plant use a small container and there are a few main method of growing them - I would leave alone now to see how it develope’s - the plant will “tell” you when and were to and adjustments (trim/cutting - but mostly you will be training main stems size of pot ?