Super cropping-what am i missing?

1st,…not sure if this is in right category. i didnt see category that was specific to training techniques.

anyway…i have done some research regarding supercropping.
i understand the method completely, and ive read lots of posts about how much fatter buds should be.
i understand it is a good method to save space(height).

but i dont get it. all the YT vids i watched show me how to do it but,…they dont really explain what is occuring.
and none of them showed the results, ultimately.
1 person mentioned, since it was S’C’d that all the nutrients would easily travel to spots ABOVE where it was bent.
which seemed strange to me, if anything it would increase flow to section BELOW damaged area, no?

i have little need to save height in my grow space, so im not sure if this is something that would be helpful to me.

but 1 thing i do know is…the experts here will spell it out for me. in a comprehensive way.


There are 2 kinds of super cropping one is use of clones cut from flowering plant the other is as you describe above bending. A better way to think of Bending is leveling the playing field close to SCROG in theory what it accomplishes is allowing your plants side branches get into the light and try and fight for dominance. It is the plants drive to reproduce that this method takes advantage of by sending all it’s energy to it’s tallest limbs it has better chance of seeding and being pollinated this is nature strongest tallest plant thrives. Super cropping bending stops the plant sending energy to just the topmost limbs it makes any branches priority trying to get them high instead of just one top it forms many all at same time. As for the area lower the bend if you were to cut into the plant weeks after the bend you would find it almost double the thickness and entirely healed since the plant wants success it takes the damage as a que to heal and grow faster.
Hope some of this makes sense?

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FYI – re-vegging a flowering clone is “monster cropping”

Super cropping is bending, the bending will change the auxin flow, and eventually it heals at the bend, creating a “knuckle” where it creates more vascularisation and then the parts above the “knuckle” will get more nutrients.


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Lol brain fart did my answer atleast make some sense or should I not smoke and type :slight_smile:

yes Donald, thank you.
makes sense, that the energy would be distributed in the way you explained.

but, now i wonder. during what phase of plant cycle would this method be best applied?
is this something people like to do in addition to topping and/or f’im’ing? or as an alternative?

what i would really love to see is 2 plants side by side…one that wasnt trained and one that was,…but after it had healed and produced expected beneficial results.

The majority of this type of high stress training is best during vigorous vegetative growing, only low stress training after it has started flower is best. However, I still super-crop a little sometimes during early flower with out any significant slowdown in growth.


ahh, i see. so the knuckle ends up being a larger intersection for energy to flow through.

i was confused because it seemed that bending it would cut off circulation,…but i understand now.

how do people come up with techniques like these? i suspect this one may have been discovered accidentally, heh.

Yes, most likely it was through observation over time, even accidents, like some animal chewed off the top or bent a top and then the grower noticed the changes in the plant, lol.

thanks a lot guys.
the clarity you provide is just so refreshing.
im sure everyone here has been on other forums where,…you dont get any straight answers, EVER!!!

so yeah,…thanks!

LST is not as aggressive but utilizes same principles I train and top

during veg to limit height and increase number of top colas


I did that with my very first one, when I tied it back I accidental tied it to tight and cut circulation well that wound up forming the knuckle haha first experience with that I cut the strong and it heals 2-3 weeks later, thank goodness no more of that lol