Super cropping technique

When is the best time to super crop?

I would say anytime after 6 nodes, or once you have some branches. I just did a super crop when my girl had 6 branches, including the top two branches from a topping I did days ago. I cut the bottom 2 lowest bra chest off, and super cropped the rest. Just squeezed the stalks and bent them over.

You can do this when you have 2 main branches even, but most will do it at 4 if they’re being aggressive with growth techniques. It should be at a stage in life where it can handle the super cropping, depending on how you apply it.


Could I SC smaller branches and not just the main branch?

^^^What @ktreez420 said ^^^

It works best if you apply the technique before the stem become “woody”, and still soft.


Yes, you can supper crop potentially any branch.