Super cropping ilgm autos?


My first grow i topped i would like to try a grow now w out topping see the difference…


You know: if you want to play with plants why not grow photos? Then you can futz with them all you want. That’s what I do.


Because its fun to see how far they can be pushed towards best quality and its more of a challenge given the time frame. Im running 6 Jack Herer Autos next. If i push them to a 14+ week grow like the last 2 runs (both different strains) then i am going to do a scrog grow in my 3x8 space with a photo next. If your gonna run autos 14+ wks like you said why not hit a photo grow? They are not that much longer anyway and i believe my yeilds will be much higher although i do believe i will pull at least 7oz + (dry) off the 2 Northern lights autos im chopping Sunday??? We shall see @Myfriendis410


Yeah; I’m a photo grower and a SCROG guy too. I run between 8 and 12 oz per plant with a SCROG on a 5 month grow in media.

Here’s my journal if you have any interest.


Sweet stuff!!! How long will you personal veg them or are you strickly an outdoor grower?? I feel like i would be happier with the authenticity of the strains of photos seeing as how they dont cross with a low thc strain (ruderalis) along the way. That was my only hesitation when i started with autos. Well, that and the smaller sizes. But at first that was ideal given space…now i have alot more room!!! @Myfriendis410


I am a hybrid grower; I grow indoors and the plants get play days outside when it’s sunny and I’m home to monitor. I have a fairly private yard and good neighbors.

Currently I have a Gold Leaf that started on April 3rd and I flipped to 12/12 last night. So: 3 months before transition? 2 1/2 months in veg and I probably could have flipped a week or two ago.



There she is as of this morning.


I wanna jump in and show my GG4 autos that were topped after the 5th/6th node and no more topping just LSTed and she looks as is. Bubble bath 4/20

GG4 plant 1

GG4 plant 2

Bubba kush plant 2
Has not been topped but rather LSTed from the day I could

Green Crack plant 3
No topping this go round

I’ve grown WWA, GDPA, CTA, BDA previous to these that are almost done and just starting.


@Onlythebest79. Nice looking flowers!!! Im diggin what ya got goin on. Here are 2 NLA im chopping Sunday. They will be almost at 15wks.




Thats the same plant sorry


Plant 2





Super sweet plants @Myfriendis410


Your plants look tasty and plump


@Sweetsugar…is the awesome pic you posted a topped Auto Blueberry?

@monsterblackbass… your NLA look awesome. Did you top and how is the smell factor?

My situation requires low smell plants. Suggestions for low smell autos?

Thanks guys


@tanlover yes it it! And the smell wasnt too bad but i had a grow tent… :slight_smile:


@tanlover442 i topped one and got longer more skinny colas, the other i got smaller fatter colas. That could be a pheno variations though. They are very smelly though


Can you help me here ? Tried to do this , and got this instead .

she litterally snapped when i tried to bend her .


I busted my supercropping cherry. 3 ILGM Jack Herer Autos wk 8. Main colas and a couple of smaller center stalks. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope i didnt go too crazy with it. The lower buds lit up with light as soon as the mains were folded and lights lowered.

@Seeddog the tall pots i switched to seem to be working out. This is a new strain so its hard to compare. So far so good though. I’m interested to see how deep the roots make it after harvest…3-4wks or so.


Did you squeeze the stem to soften before the bend? Sorry for the late reply


@Screwauger super crop went really well the girls totally recovered and are rippening nicely! Thanks again. Im showing some potasium def im working on.