Super cropping 1st time


Hay bucks and genys I’m waiting to try something new!! I’ve always tighed my plants :seedling: down and out! And had great :+1:t2: harvest :metal:t2:But I’ve always wanted to try super cropping. But don’t really know what to do can someone give me advice please


I’ve never done it myself, but here is a guide for it…

I am sure others will jump in to…


Cheers :beers: mate yup im going to do it make so much sense! I’ll post some pics soon as i do it and let you know how it goes thanks :pray:


When I super crop, I look for 2 things. The first one is probably obvious: a cola that sticks up higher than the others. Number two is where on that taller cola do I pinch it at? I pinch somewhere around the top of the canopy, of course, but right above lower growth, that way, after I pinch and bend, that lower growth just below the pinch is immediately ready to rise up and become a prominent bud site of its own.


i did it only to a few branches to see how it goes


I’m new at Super Cropping but, @WillyJ and @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Hogmaster are a few who can get you going… @Caosred

Here’s a few pix of mine


Cheers babe yes I’ve did it I’ll let you all know how it goes