Super crop during flowering


I wanted to know if you can supercrop during flowering


You can but I would worry about the stress. Have to be perfect in your execution or you run the risk of seriously stressing them out which in flowering is bad from a hermie standpoint. It can be done, yes. Just tread carefully

Also I would limit it is only the first 2 weeks if you do so.


Hey thanks Stone this is my first grow don’t want to chance it think I’ll stick to the script


Hermi and stress seeds are two different things.


@Soilgrowth your right stress seeds


What’s the difference


Hermie has both male and female parts. Stress seeds no male parts . Both male parts lots and lots of seeds. Stress seeds one or two three or 4.


And can pollenate all female plants.stress seeds plant cant.


Oh ok can you germ a stressed seed?


And thanks for the info


Most certainly sry.