Super Critical Auto Flower grow


We will call this day one lol


Ah! I should’ve thought of tht, my day one is when I start germination. Please, teach me your way o wise one.



I start the clock when she breaks out of soil not saying its right but it works for me lol


I just use jiffy pot in ph water squeeze most out place in finishing pot in my case 5 gallon smart pot with happy frog soil i also use a sprayer with ph water couple pumps few times a day that girl was started friday at 4pm and by morning 2 inch tap root then today broke surface by morning full on sprout haha


Hey, if its any consolation, it works for me too :wink:


This is my first auto flower of my 15 seeds i ordered so ive finished one plant got two in flower now and this first run with autos


oh, a fellow user of the jiffy, aye? I used them on my current grow, unfotunetly the plastic dome that came with ended up frying my plants, stupid to even consider using it, its both hot and humid here, so it wouldnt have made a difference. Using the rest of the jiffys 4 some clones right now actually. Autos huh? I was going to get them 4 my current grow, but i didnt pick out my seeds, still, ive already fallen in love with my mango haze, just hoping tht love is directed to the right gender, one of the draw backs of having som1 else pick out ur seeds.


The dome oh yes i never used it had bad feeling about it now i know why sorry for your losses hope it works out with your current grow


So are you growing clones only right now


so far so good, though a little needless stress, youll know why if u look at my grow journal (im not trying to get more views if thts what ur thinking, although i may be trying to cop some of tht knowlege of urs :slight_smile: ), had some trouble recently, but nothing to sweat over. Right know im growing my one survivor of the jiffy dome fiasco, and three clones i took from hopefully her, i used honey instead of cloning gel, but 100% success rate so far


I just read the end of your journal ill read it and see if i have anything that may help


thnx for the support, im here most days, well these past few days since i made my account, so feel free to mssg me anytime. My grows a lil under the radar, so dont expect too much, but im here 4 u if need be.


Check out my “bag seed grow” journal i did use dome for few days on that one


Good thing about this fourm is the help and knowledge that people share freely


ill return the favor in kind, although id probably wouldve ended up reading it anyways :p, and to ur last comment: !@#$ yeah!



Most would say dont use light yet but i have always use CFL as starter light so this being a Autoflower why change whats been working so far right


Oh and i didnt water her just soil around her it looks like i watered the crap out of her not so haha


Just be careful, this is the most delicate stage in the plants life, one miss step and… But they’re looking great, and hell, I had my plant exposed to 12 hours of actually sunlight from the get-go, and, except for the dome burning them, my babe turned out fine. Soon they should start sticking straight up and giving some more leaves to admire, so be patient.