Super closet water chiller help!

I’ve just recently purchased a supercloset superstar it’s has 2 separate superponics system

There reservoirs are maybe 3 gallons each to the bottom of the net cup now my reservoir temp is a little high I’m going to purchase the activeaqua 1/10hp water chiller I know it’s a little big but I have to.
I’m curious if there is anyway that I’m able to somehow connect the 1 water chiller to BOTH superponics systems?

Will all buckets be running the same nutrient solution? If so, we may be able to port to both buckets.

They would have to be right ? Unless I had 2 separate reservoirs or separate water chillers ? I want to be perpetual or at least try

For that small of a tank/reservoir you can probably get away with the old frozen water bottle trick in the tank if you’re trying to run multiple systems.