Super Closet 6 Bucket system

Newbie of course, my pots (6) are 6.5 gallons and net pots are 10", reservoir is 30 gallons. Getting clones (using clay)and was wondering how far do I set my plants into the pots? The system has a top drain hose near the top of the pot and just don’t want my babies drowning. What is the best way to clean the system during growth? If anybody is familiar with this system or can take a quick at it (Super Closet) and give me ANY advice I would really appreciate it. Doing it for personal use, 3 ulcers and a few surgeries (back/arm) will make you a gardener. I know it’s not a simple task (growing hydro) but it will save me money in the long run, I have a hell of a wife. Bought the set up and paid for my medical card just because she wanted me legal for something that really helps my situation. Read quite a few blogs and forums but this site was the only one that caught my attention, a lot of good solid info and people who don’t mind newbies. THANKS FROM ALL US NEWBIES!


You want your roots to remain moist while not having rockwool or your clones media submerged. This is where a drip ring usually is handy but if the Clay is being splashed it will wick water around the roots keeping medium moist in DWC system the water level is under the basket but close enough to splash it.
I would cheat and bring lvl closer to my roots right into the basket until roots are established

Thank You!Appreciate the info, how would I raise the roots after lowering them to be closer in the beginning and how many times should I run system? Read anywhere from once a day and others say 3-4, hydro shop said 15 minutes on 15 minutes off and keep repeating. Thanks again!

If you are running Ebb&Flow system 15 and 15 sounds about right

Thanks Donald! So run it 15/15, have clones just above settled water height (for bubbles/ebb flow) and move them up when roots get longer and closer to water. Any tricks on how to raise plant without hurting roots? I really appreciate your time, just need to get the system running and should be okay from there. Got all the parts/equipment set up just trying to find a adapter for sink (R/O system). One other thing, my ballast isn’t near a plug (having one installed) would it be alright to run it with a cord into plug for a week or so? Thanks for the help and may your crop be bountiful!

Hey I was wondering if you ever fig out how high the plant has to be in the pebbles… I have the same system from super closet and am having quite a time getting my roots to get through the net pots…I transplanted them and messed them up at first by putting them to deep, but they finally bounced back