Super bushy and recently topped! Should I trim the lower foliage?

So, my babies are healthy and growing! They are 4 days past the first topping and are super dense and bushy. Should I thin out the lower growth? They are about 12 inches tall.

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To clarify, I am trying my best to pack a 5x5 space with colas and maximize yield. I will start scrog soon.

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They are bushy. How far is your lighting from the plants?

As long as they’ve recovered from topping (they look good!) you can start by removing any leaves blocking future bud sites. Get that light penetrating throughout.

Lollipoping is usually done a few days before flipping. However, I remove bottom and low leaves, secondary growth and growth points to open the plant up to promote better air circulation. This also allows when they would have consumed to go to the rest of the plant.
She has some big leaves. What is it?


Gold Leaf.

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I would let it ride for a week or so with out trimming anything. Less stress is best at this time!


16 inches. Too close you think?

How tall does The Strain get and how long is the stretch and how many weeks of flower

The plants seem to be taking it. I was just wondering if you could raise the light just a few inches or so to see if it would start getting just a little leggy. It would help to know the strain characteristics.

They’re stocky rascals!! At a look they scream indica.

Just saw the cut leaves. Were these clones?

No. I tried to FIM and failed. Still have a lit to learn.

I know it is a tall strain. It is ILGM gold leaf.

Good lord

This is Maui Wowie photo. It’s a six foot tall plant with a 2 to 3 foot stretch when flipping to flower. I let it veg to just below the bottom of the screen. Topped it kept the top eight branches removed the bottom four branches. Now Im going to flip to flower…tuck the stretch for several weeks to fill the table and and let it go vertical for the ramainder of flower…10 to 12 weeks… one table is five by five one table is four by four


If they were mine, I’d have a hard time not taking those 2 large top fan leaves off… Remove them and the rest of the plant would get light…

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Not too tall in my experience others view may differ. I’m growing 2 right now and they are bushy plants. One is the same pheno as yours and one a little darker with thinner leaves. The branches on this strain are some of the thinnest I’ve seen

The middle one is gold leaf right around 6 weeks into flower. They are in 7 gal pots, topped once