Super bowl trash talk


i know there is a bunch of pats fans that visit this forum,i won’t finger anyone because i’m sure they will come out of the woodworks when they see this…after watching both games last night i must say this is going to be a great super bowl this year… i have the upmost respect for the pats they are a well oiled proven machine from the bottom up!! the falcons on the other hand,in my opinion,have a hollow spot to fill. i believe that the falcons will fill that void this year with a victory over the pats. why? you ask, it is plain and simple atlanta has the hunger for a super bowl win…this is matt ryans year to get-r-done and the team as a whole is playing at a champion level… so my prediction is atlanta 35 new england 28 GO FALCONS!!!


Hmmm, yeah that’s a load of crazy talk. God bless Tom Brady and bill bellichek


god may bless them but atlanta is gonna beat em…lol


Pass that thing your smoking, clearly you’ve lost ya dam mind.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::upside_down_face:


@Irish32 when did sanitariums start providing internet access?? that’s some crazy talk there!!!lolol good luck! what is your score prediction?


Hmmm, yeah that’s a load of crazy talk. God bless Tom Brady and bill bellichek

Yeah it’s just crazy talk, we get a lot of that up here in titletown


crazy like a fox!


Go pats lol


whats your prediction on the score @Majiktoker?


I didn’t even know there were any Pats fans here?

The Steelers came up a little short. Losing their RB Bell to a groin strain was unfortunate. Quite a few Steelers fans were in attendance

Matty Ryan’s a good guy. Decent and highly regarded QB during his time here at Boston College. I and most Pats fans have rooted for him over the years.

@BIGE has failed to account for the Kraft/Belichek and Brady tri-fecta. There is of course a fourth and that is every other guy on the team. A team with an ax to grind.

I was at the game last night. I have been going for over 20 years but more regularly in the last 15. Other than 2001 there was never a better more enthusiastic win.

And please understand I wasn’t always a Patriots fan. I grew up a Bengals in southern Ohio. (Insert sympathy here)

It’s nice to win!

Pat’s 21-14


21-14 or 49-21 pats on winning side


lol,when i said well oiled machine, @bob31 that was on my mind too… when your able to keep owner/coach/QB,all together on the same page for so long it is good… brady understands he is a player,and belichek understands he is the coach,and kraft knows how to keep them happy! i just do not think they’re going to win,great team,but not this time… i may eat these words but that will be ok because i’m hungry too


I just saw Brady tearing up talking about his dad, some of you might know his dad and that jerk Gooddell :gun: have been having a media battle lately

I think Brady’s pissed off I’m feeling good about New England this year ! :thumbsup:


it is going to be a great game @Paranorman!! if brady wins this one with no b.s. i wont have a problem of calling him the best Qb so far… coach b is one of my favs.also,great coach!


recent poll only 27% want the Patriots to win

However 97% think the Patriots will win

LOL! No I’m just kidding, well not about the 27%, I did just hear that

I just hope it’s a good game, I’m thinking it will be… :football:



F goodhell he better watch his step, I hear the nfl wants to make football great again, lol


Lmao…! :smiley:



ok were even on royalties now, lol


yea,goodell is about goodell,not the nfl or players for that matter…


I’m going to get that logo as a tattoo !?