Super auto mix mess up

I’m on day 62 from seed and a first time grower.
The buds seem fine but the leaves are awful.
I’m really afraid they’re dying😔
Will they make it to harvest?

Mars sp 3000 20 inches away
Happy frog
Cal mag 5 ml every watering because I thought that I had a Deficiency
Teaspoon per gallon of tiger bloom once a week
Watering at 6.5 ph
Temps stay at 75
Humidity 40 to 45
Great air flow with fans and exhaust

May be too close causing light burn or heat damage.
Also may be salt build up in soil. Do you water to runoff and have you flushed the soil lately?
Check your runoff ppm if you can.

Flushed 2 weeks ago
Would the leds cause burning that far away
Do they look like they are dying?
Also a slight correction it’s day 73

Could be it is nearing the end and is consuming it self. Have you checked the tricomes? I have had autos ready at 90- 100 days. Just my 2cents.

That’s what I was thinking
I did check and some are starting to get milky, but most are clear

From what I can see in the Pic looks like 2 more weeks maybe less. Good luck.

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