Sunshine growing in a conservatory


I grow autos every year in my double glazed conservatory with natural light, water, nutrients, a 12in fan and huge amounts of love.

Are there any members out there who would like to contribute tips,anecdotes, advice to this much neglected subject ?

It does’t need to be hard to grow successfully the first time out…:sunny::rainbow:


I wish I had a space like thAt. I have a vision of an English garden with one in the middle of it. Of course filled with cannabis.


If I had that setup I could grow with very little effort. Nice!! Then it becomes about planned neglect

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I used to have dreams about fields of cannabis. Now that I’m growing I have dreams about buds dripping in resin

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I read more about weed then I watch porn now.


Who wants to watch strangers bang when I can fantasize about the juicy nugs I really want


It’s in a huge garden in western wales but I gotta be on my toes as the feds are harsh :sunglasses:

I do 10 X autos bi-anually and thats enough auto NL herb for me for a year and I am a puffer …:seedling:

How much do u take from a single plant?

I totally agree, and I’m wondering if there is a difference ?

my last harvest gave me apx 390g and thats after curing also I vape it with a da vinci.

I harvested 18oz NL this year. I love it.

Ya weed has definitely helped me with my porn addiction

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I like to vape with my pac3 but I really want a volcano

I can see that you are a connoisseur…the old Northern Lights is a constant good grower and a mighty puff…I Loves it ! :heart_eyes:

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the da vinci ascent batteries start to retard after about 6/8 months, although otherwise its a great tool.
Would you recommend the pac3 ? do the batteries hold up?
My niece in Amsterdam has a Volcano and gives it the old thumbs up…its a bit bulky for me though.

i gave you the wrong figures, it was 390g’s from 10X auto N/L…apologies :innocent:

I haven’t had any problems with it. But I have a co2 oil vaperizer from Boston that I can plug in. That’s where its @. We need to get away from batteries and instead start accessing wall current. That’s why I need a volcano

I am in the uk and its 240 volts here and i imagine i would eventually fry myself with a wall current vape…could be an interesting high though.

Like I mean an electric dabber that hits like a bong