Sunshine Coast, Australia, what time of year to grow?

Hello does anyone know the ideal time to plant female autoflower seedlings in the subtropical climate of Sunshine Coast Australia? Since we are in the southern hemisphere.

Is it all year except for summer because too much rain (say outside of rainy/wet season which is mid oct - mid march)


@Aussie_autos can help with that

I would say early spring to late spring you could even get away with it mid summer as we dont get to cold in winter

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Hey @BudzMS check out this bud


thats a sweet fat bud

Here is some pics one of the plant critical purple auto and the others are GSCA


those look amazing

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Cheers man organic grow all the way i also use bud powder and mega k, and phat bud powder ,Bud master , from nimbin nutrients Australia there the only things i use to help with bigger buds

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