Sunshine advanced mix #4

Ok, so in my isolated island, im limited to what soils i can get here. Having said that i managed to get 1 bag of Sunshine promix advanced #4 (yellow/black bag), 1 bag of ffof and 1 bag of light warrior. I got some of the sunshine mix out to start another plant (scorpion peopers) and im a little confused here. I want to learn to work with this before i start my grows, so i got it out and man is it a REALLY loose type of medium, how does this hold a plant without it tipping over, does it compact a little bit? Some of my pepper plants get top heave the same way some cannibus does, but im affriad this stuff wont hold any weight!

Also, since i could only get 1 bag of each, should i mix the ffof with the sunshine? I will be doing 2 blackberry kush and 2 mango kush plants as soon as the seeds arrive, all in 5gal fabric pots, and if im to mix them, id like to do that ahead of time, and get the medium thoughly mixed and “aired out” some prior to planting (something my grandfatber taught me and ive done every since as it gives me time to note anything wrong before i put plants in it) then i store it all together in a sealed container (my case, 55 gal container with lid)

When the plants grow roots it will firm up the soil. Light and airy soil is real good. Allows really good root growth with little resistance. You can mix them if you want but I’d try them separate to see which soil you want to go with in the future.

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I use this as well got a couple sunshine and couple promix m… love then botylh. They are flowering now and I can’t even dig a half inch down any where in my 65 gallon smart pot. The roots really fuckin hold on.

Also I didn’t mix them if I did it was promix and sunshine which are both peat moss. I would try them separately and see which one works better for you.