Sunrise/sunset for led

Is there some sort of timer that reenacts sunrise/sunset

They do have them. Unnecessary in my opinion.


Has to be…there is a light with this feature

Pretty neat gadget but mad expensive, yikes :scream:

Probably not worth it

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If it were effective, you’d see them in every grow room. Growing indoor is not about simulating outdoor. It’s about perfecting outdoor. No sunrise. No sunset. No bugs. No rainy days, No heat waves, etc.

I know you know this. I’m just replying to the topic.


I have to agree with everyone never had to be just used a light timmer I justed to run my veg 24/7 never turned the lights off but found same results running 18/ on 6 off for the first two months or desired size I’m wanting to finish out with I wouldn’t worried about that’s not the key plenty of light n right condition good luck also running your lights at night makes a cooler grow room

There are a few growers that added a far red bank of LED’s on a timer to come on for the first and last half hour of the grow to simulate spectrum shift at dawn and dusk. No real data on whether it helps or not.

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