Sunlight question

A question from a fellow grower:

Im an outsider but am having trouble finding a good spot that has sun from dawn to dusk. My question is ; as long as it gets light from daytime does it have to have un interupted sun.? This is when the sun finall th gets at it. Sun finally hits By 11am and stays sunny in that spot up to dusk pretty much.

My plants are outside in pots. They get indirect sunlight until about 12:00, then direct sunlight until sunset. They are doing really good and get plenty of sun.

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I have 1 northern light x chronic and 1 blue diesel auto and 2 tha shiznits. the are all outside and I have the same thing going on with mine too. the Sun don’t hit them in till about 11:30 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m. I use to move the buckets at 8:00 till 12:00 then move them back at 12:00 till sunset. but I got tired of all that moving so I just split the differents and let them go.

My outdoor grow didn’t get morning light till 10AM.

I don’t think it was a good thing…morning dew on the leaves wouldn’t get burned off, which led to moister buds, which led to bud rot.

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If I can’t get sunlight all day, and am able to choose which part of the day gets full sun, I will always choose morning sun.

In the summer here it can be blistering. I’ve dealt with heat stress for many years, which made the post about yucca root really appealing to me. Also having high humidity leaves me wanting that dew off as soon as possible! He’s not kidding about the bud rot. It’s been my bane for years now!

I think you’ll be fine with the light that you get. Artificial light may be great for manipulating the plants, but I just can’t help thinking that actual sunlight will always be best. Hopefully I can personally test that theory of mine next year.


Hey man as long as they are getting light you will be fine… one of my spots is like that… they get 5/6 hours of direct sunlight and they are good… probably won’t be able to use same spot again next year, because all the brush and trees around them is getting too tall…

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I’m in JOCO in Central NC and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a good year… plenty of easy rain about twice a week and nice sunny days… but don’t get me wrong I know things can go south quickly…I definitely ain’t counting my chickens before they hatch

Do they look ok? any feedback would be great… I’m new to the group and any suggestions would greatly be appreciated

I like the cover around them. I was hoping to be that far along, but my girls turned out to be auto. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve already harvested 2 and am a couple weeks out from one more.

Normally, at your stage, I would have already topped and started some clones with it as well as some of the smaller lower branches. You would be surprised at the results and it will help with making sure your girls don’t outgrow their surrounding cover.

If you cut it properly, it will spread into a nice canopy. Unless you’re just trying to see if you can grow trees, I find I like the results of the topping.

We’re up for an amendment vote again this year. It’s expected to pass this time around since it’s a presidential year instead of mid-term like last time. I’ll grow a tree, just because, but I’ll still go with training for more vigorous plants.

Good luck this year. You will find much help along the way here.