Sun ups and downs from 3rd rock


Yeah…No!!! lol
My only phobia is Astro phobia. Got that back in 2013 when I got struck by lightning. Not a direct hit but it threw me off my feet into a buddies camper. Deathly afraid of it now, I used to like to fish in the rain, NO MORE!


Took this photo with my phone while surveying some wetlands

@Beans @AnneBonny


Looks mystical, like a fairytale :unicorn:


That is another wall worthy photo. Mystical is a perfect term for it.


It’s Middle Earth, looks like a Hobbit could come wandering into the swamp


@Beans and @Buck3 you guys rule the bass! Makes me wanna take up bass fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: more often than the once or twice a year. Around here guys gotta fish the canal for a fight ( cape cod) striped bass ocean . Keep the pics coming :fish:


Thanks for the compliment! I’ve been fortunate with a couple of good places to fish and been lucky from time to time…sometimes ya catch em sometimes ya don’t…thats what make it fun. Hope ya can more and put up some pics for us to see. Them stripers get big and from what I hear, give a good fight. I’ve never caught one but it looks fun. Here’s a pic of two I caught on back to back cast. The only time I have ever done that. I have two big ones in one day more than once but never back to back.



…and they ALL go back in healthy for the next time.


this am! Had a doe and 2 fawns feeding 30 yards out :deer::deer::deer: in the distance all I heard was the shotgun sounds of bird season ducks :duck: and pheasant it’s great to be in a part of the world with these freedoms​:us::us::us::us:!!! Luv it!


Wish we could hunt over here but to many people shooting others for nothing has reked it for all Australians guns are fully illegal here! But we go pigging alot just with the dogs and a knife that’s hunting guns take the sport out of hunting anyone can pull a trigger!!


Yeah , I don’t think I could run to a cornered hog ,lol! Even with a knife I’m at home in a tree with a bow and arrow @Caosred you guys are nuts down under


I would want more than a knife with some of these piney woods rooters we have here in the South.


We get 120kg stinkers here


@SmoknGranny @AnneBonny @Beans


I am going to make this my background for about 30 minutes, so I can enjoy a make believe nature sesh… Beautiful…


Help yourself @Ron330


That right there is pretty. Been busy as hell recently getting ready to go to Mo.
I’ll post some from up there. And hopefully a big ol wall hanger!


Another breathtaking photo @Buck3 I feel like I could step into that picture and be there.


@AnneBonny this is one of the places where @70sChick and go fishing


Sun down yesterday evening.

Sun up this morning. Nice 8 point was an hour too early. I saw him cross the road where I was gonna try this morning. It’s a big holler that has an old charcoal making place. It’s grown up and they use it to bed. Saw 4-5.