Sun ups and downs from 3rd rock


It’s some big bass there @Beans. I have caught several in there


Thanks @AnneBonny!


Yeah I like some bass fishin!


Very nice! Love the color on the top pic!


Oh I want in on this. I have a lot of sunrise and sunset pics. :slight_smile:

Here is one of a sunset over a northern WI lake:

Here is that same lake from my kayak just after sunrise with a thick haze in the air:


So foggy you can’t see the shore there.

And here is one of a million sunset/sunrise pics I’ve taken from the treestand:

And just for shits and grins here is a picture of a lightning strike I took from a plane window:


Very nice weres that at??


Thank you :blush: don’t know about talent!! But I’ll take it lol :joy: i also have alot of surfing :surfing_man:t6: photos and film


Uploading… pics not a bass but way beter Barra




Pond at our hunting lease


Nice what in Usa :us:??


That’s right


Is that a barramundi @Caosred?


Night time bass fishing

@Beans @Caosred


Man that’s a chunk!!! How much?
My biggest is right under 9#


She was just over 10# caught on a Jitterbug…wouldve liked to know what she weighed in the spring before spawning. The biggest one I’ve caught was 11.75# on a Carolina rig.


First cast first time Carolina rigging. Haven’t Texas rigged much since! lol

Lake Fork fishing with water dogs for bass. Thought I hung the state record. lol


Like that kayak pic


Yes it is only a baby that one :point_up:


That’s a hawg!