Sun ups and downs from 3rd rock


I know it’s not the sun but ya can’t resist a full moon…while bass fishing at night


Black 3/8oz spinnerbait with a #5 Hildabrandt Colorado blade and hold on!!!


Lol…guess I’m old fashion…big, as we call it, “broke back Jitterbug” and a full moon. :wink:


That is breathtaking @Caosred I would put a print of that on my wall for sure.


A friend is traveling Europe. This was yesterday in Croatia.


10 min till I leave work. Headed home to a warm bed!


A sunset in the Florida Keys


Got this when a thunderstorm was coming toward our house. I thought some would like this.
@AnneBonny @Beans


It is i used to be a photographer well tryed to be lol :joy: i have lot more if you like to see


Awesome :clap:t2:


I videoed the lightning during this and stopped and started it and did screenshots. Did it all with my phone and edited the screenshots. I wouldn’t know how to work a real camera…lol!


Here’s some that i did i got em framed!! Sorry for the reflections in the pics the sun :sunny:️ was in the way of taking pics but you get the idea :bulb:


Those pic were for you @AnneBonny


Very nice! Love the one with the bees! I love those little guys. I hardly ever see any around here anymore.


This is a pond on our hunting lease. @70sChick took this with her phone.

@GreenThunder @AnneBonny


Could be a post card :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


It will be beautiful next week with fall colors coming on!


Wow! You have talent @Caosred. Those are beautiful. I like the lighthouse and waves but the one with the rainbow is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing those.


That is amazing for being taken with your phone @Buck3


We need to fish that! That’s pretty.