Sun ups and downs from 3rd rock

Been thinking about creating this topic for awhile now. Sitting here in my deerstand I figured this would be the perfect time while I’m waiting for visitors.
Let’s see those beautiful sunrises and sunsets that let us know we’ve been blessed with another day on this earth or that we’ve LIVED to see another day gone! IMG_3787|690x388

Clearwater Beach Fla.
it was a time lapse but couldn’t upload it due to size.


Dang you’re making me homesick :sob:. The Gulf Coast of Florida has many breathtaking vistas.

That’s an odd place for a deer stand @Beans , do you have much luck there? Lol. Nice pics though. I’ll try to find a few to load later .


Sorry @SmoknGranny never in a million years would that be my intentions! Yes floridas gulf coast is very pretty. I try to get down there a couple times a year.
@Wishingilivedina420state ha--------------ha! lol
No, not too much luck there with the deer but the dears on the other hand!!!
Something about sunrises and sunsets. I’m a simple man I guess you could say!


No need for apology. I spent many hours there gazing at sunrises & sunsets. My FB friends still send me pics on a regular basis. I’m proudest of my nephews with our FLAG flying :blush:


Worked in the oilfield out in west Texas for a few years. Bout the only pretty thing out there was the sunrises and sunsets.


Elevated sunrise @ 30k’


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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My hometown Australia :australia:


Awesome! My eyes aren’t too good … are those Pelicans?

Sure are :blush:

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@Wishingilivedina420state you beat me to it ! I was wondering the same thing about the spot ! Beach deer ! They do go for the salt around here , but I need to wait for old man winter , lol! @Bogleg I know you know!! Highway hunting . Central mass style! Lol! I’ll get you a sunset pic hopefully this weekend from the be stand if not possibly Monday @Beans! :deer::deer::deer::deer::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: wait for it but these phones do pass the time better


Red River
Shreveport, La

Cancun 2016


@Beans next time your in Louisiana give me a shout I’ll come smoke one with you .

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Sounds like a plan!

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Do you ever fish old river? False river? Any of the spillway? Just some of my spots. I’ve been up to red river but never fished it. Always working. I’m heading to Grand Isle in a couple weeks to help out an old boss and gonna get to do a little salt water fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish:, but the real fun is late February when the big reds are biting.

Not sure where those places are at. I was mostly a pond fisher growing up in S’port. Fishing for bass. Tightlining for cats when I wanted to drink beer! Just recently, past 5 years, I’ve been bitten by the saltwater bug. Made friends with a guide down in Tampa. He comes to Ms. and deer hunts and he takes me fishing for free!!!


That’s a good trade.

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Nothing like sunrise…when your 20 ft closer to it.


Spring sunrise