Sun porch with plenty of light or would it be better to use HPS light?

A question of a fellow grower:

Which is better? I have a great sun porch with plenty of light or would it be better to use HPS light, did in the beginning but now flowering I’m using natural sunlight 12hrs and darkness 12hrs. Autoflowering plants


Its up to you… if you want to grow your plant indoor, definetly you need a light but if you keep your plant outdoor its good that you have direct sun at your porch… she is flowering and she needs sunny days now more than ever ! Autoflowering plants gives a better yeld indoor then outdoor… but you can let her now outside, she is big lady and you dont want to stres her right now! Watch her closely, feed her if you want and wait till your buds explode !

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If I could, I would use Mother Nature, there’s no competing with the sun.


Always ! Me too !

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I agree; It is your choice. Sunlight is better but, an hps may be need to lengthen days during early stages. However; Using auto flowers allows you to grow under any photo period so you should be fine. :slight_smile:

The advantage of artificial light over natural light is that you can get full sunlight equivalent for 18, 12, or even 24 hours a day with artificial. You get the equivalent of 5-7 hours of full sun per day in natural light. This means inside plants can grow bigger and faster. (Web search for “insolation” to see how many hours per day where you live.)

On the other hand, sunlight lights all parts of the plant equally, so you get bigger buds near the bottom. Artificial light may be 12 inches from the top and 48 inches from the bottom, so light at the bottom is much weaker.

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